Time for a change. 

Pregnant me teaching a Mom and Tot class.

I am changing the name of my blog. If you haven’t already noticed, My Hole in the Head is now The Dancing Mommy

I needed a change to kick me in the ass and keep up with blogging. I wanted a name for my blog and my YouTube channel that gave a clue to what this is all about.

I started out writing this blog and doing videos as a way to try and organize my life. Do little organizational projects and blog/vlog about them. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I’m still trying to be organized but I’m not good at keeping things up. As obvious by the length of time between blog posts.

My Hole in the Head was a name I put on this blog because I was so busy I needed something else to do like “a hole in the head”.

I really think tIMG_4066he new name will help me be a little more focused on what I’m about these days. My kids, and all things mommy related. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month old girl.
My love of finding a good bargain. It could be sales or thrift shopping, the hunt for a good deal is the best part. And dance. I am after all a dance teacher and choreographer, I can’t leave that out.

Also, the balance of running a business, teaching classes, being a stay at home mom (I know that doesn’t really make sense. I’m home with the kids in the day, and teach in the evenings), being a choreographer, and keeping up general house stuff IS a dance it’s self.

That’s it, The Dancing Mommy.  Now other things just might creep in, but that’s the general idea.

Dancing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at 6 months pregnant.
Bubs showing off while I’m giving notes after dress rehearsal of “Oz”. Little V was born a week later.


My Busy, Crazy, Insane year. 

The end is nigh. Meaning the end of the summer theatre season. My husband runs a theatre festival during the month of July.  Let me explain…This past 10 months have  probably been the busiest of our married lives. I’ll start back in September 2015, my husband started auditions for “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the fall production for Off Broadway Players, he was the director and I was the choreographer. We are a great team, with musicals and otherwise. At this point I was 4 months pregnant and have a 3 year old and teaching dance classes and running my dance studio. 

S, my husband, was in rehearsals a lot. The show was the end of November, we had about 10 weeks to put it all together. Not bad considering we’ve done shows in half that time. I was running my rehearsals too, but he was gone to rehearsal any night I wasn’t teaching so we saw very little of each other.

 We were also both in the show as well, so there were quite a lot of babysitters and asking grandparents to come stay for a while. Neither of us have family living close by. Let me just say that dancing in a show at 6 months pregnant and sick all the time takes some major acting chops to not look as miserable as I felt. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Acadamy Award for that. 

Me in my “King Harod” number costume.
Me and my Roman Guards
Me ans my fellow temple prostitutes. Yes,I was a pregnant prostitute.

Once we closed that show,it was on to the next. The next show was actually mine, he held down the fort for a little while. But he was already in meetings for his next project, I’ll get to that. 

My dance studio, Dance Studio West, did Oz. 

An all dance version of The Wizard of Oz done to modern music. Thankfully I wasn’t in this one as well, because I was 36weeks pregnant.

My Wicked Witch of the West and her henchman
Mr Bubbers enjoying the stage while i give notes after dress rehearsal

Then, one week later….

Baby V was born. 

So, you’d think that would be it. Take some time to recover and get used to our new addition to our family. Not so much. 

S was asked a long time ago to direct the opening ceremonies of the Canada Special Olymics Winter Games that were being held in Corner Brook. And guess who was choreographing it? So the next 4 weeks was a blur of trying to get help to run rehearsals until I could move, a very busy husband and figuring out life with a newborn and a three year old. We pulled it off! And it went great!

Then we took three weeks and took off to Florida! A break we really needed, but it was right back at it as soon as we got back. 

My year end show was next. The big annual recital for the whole studio. Crazy times. 

“Pour Some Sugar On Me”

That’s not all! Then my husband was directing Grease with the school where he teaches, and you guessed it, I was choreographing. 

By the first of June, the studio was closed and I was finished work for the summer. Ahhhh….summer. Time for a break. Not so much. S and two friends of ours run a theatre festival for the month of July called Stage West Theatre Festival. So I choreographed the musical Ruthless, and S directed it as well as two other shows. I was a theatre widow for most of June and July. 

Soldiers Heart

Tonight the festival closes. We will be heading out of town for a month of holidays.  It’s been the busiest, craziest, stressfu-est, year. 

Now it’s done! And so am I.  
And I’m off!

My Life in Rehearsals.

Last weekend I had 22 hours of rehearsal. I was getting ready for my year end show with my dance studio, Dance Studio West. We did a Broadway theme this year, so we called it “Broadway Baby”. I’m also choreographer for “Grease” that Corner Brook Intermediate is doing and my husband is the director.

I vlogged my rehearsal adventures last weekend. Check out my vlog and come with me to rehearsals



And I’m off!

Another Show Down! 

We finished up out mid year Dance Studio West production of Oz over the weekend. It went great! I’m super proud of everyone! I really needed to rely on more people than usual to pull this one off as I’m due to have a baby in a week! Yes, one week! 

Here are some pics by one of our dancers moms. She did a fantastic job.  

  The storm that took Dorothy to Oz.


Beautiful Glinda the good Witch. 

  Very happy munchkins. 


Scarecrow just chillin’…..

  while the crows make fun of her. 

The Tin Man getting funky. 

 Off to the jungle, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!   

The cutest lion you’d ever see!

 They’re off to see the Wizard!


Wicked witch putting a spell on the poppy field. 

  The Wicked Witches hench monkeys kidnapping Dorothy. 

Glinda made it snow to wake everyone up. 

  The Wicked Witch with their hench monkeys!  
Dorothy’s time is running out!

  Flying monkeys enjoying themselves while witch is away. 


Dorothy is saved by her friends and pours a bucket of water on the witch. “I’m melting!!!”

 The Wizard sends her home!

Was it a dream? But wait, the shoes…..

I’m very proud of the show, but I’m also glad to be done. I’m exhausted. I think I’ll take a nap. 
And I’m off!



Blogidays…Day 1

Ok, so I did a lousy job blogging about the show. It was a crazy busy time and doing a show at 28 weeks pregnant is exhausting. But I did it! And looked damn fine doing it, if a do say so.  

 These are my girls, the temple prostitutes. That’s me in the middle  kneeling down. 

Now that’s done, and it’s the first day of December, my plan is to blog everyday right through the holidays. 

Today I got to open the 1 in my Body Shop Advent Calendar. The past two years I have made my husband an advent calendar. Two years ago it was a wine calendar and last year it was a beer calendar. He felt bad he didn’t have one for me. So this year he got me this one from The Body Shop. I love it.  

The missing spot is where the number 1 was. Here is what I got! 

The frosted cranberry shimmer lotion. I didn’t read it and put it on my hands immediately. Now my hands are full of shimmer. Oh well. It’s still a nice lotion. 

There isn’t much else happening today. I’m picking away at decorating. Have to get everything done by Saturday as it is Santa Claus Parade day and we are having our annual parade party. The parade route goes right by our house, so we don’t even have to go outside of it’s too cold!

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to do a few vlogs over the holidays too. I have been seriously neglecting my YouTube channel. 
And I’m off!


Jesus Christ Superstar…Opening Night!

Last night we opened Jesus Christ Superstar to a sold out house! It went amazing. The energy was high and it felt incredible.  

Jesus and the Temple Prostitutes
Jesus Himself
Me as a pregnant prostitute with a roman guard
Me and Mary Magdelane
Me and our beautiful dance captiain
Peter and his prostitute
Another show tonight and two on Saturday. We are sold out for tonight and Saturday too! Lots of tickets for the matinee if you are in the area. But seeing as how most people have never heard of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, I have my doubts. 

And I’m off!

Jesus Christ Superstar…8 days until opening night!

Last night we had a dance only rehearsal for the show. There are a few numbers in the show that are pretty intense. 

I wanted to film clips of the dancers doing all the “dancey” bits, but I had to use my phone to play the music and it won’t let me film video and play music at the same time. Come on Apple, get with it.  

Here is a peek at the Herod Song. We are missing a couple, including me 😉. 

Hope you enjoy, 

And I’m off!