Packing for a last minute overnight trip with 2 kids. 

We just decided to go out of town to visit family tomorrow for an overnight, so I thought I’d do a quick little post about what I’m packing. 

The thing is with packing for small kids is whether you are going away for a night or a week, you’re going to have stuff. Multiple outfits for the kids because they are messy, multiple outfits for you because they are messy. And more often than not, they get messy on you. Not to mention the toys they want to bring, the distractions, the snacks, the diapers etc. 

This is what clothes I packed. 

For Baby V….

1. Onesie and pants to wear in the car. 

2. Back up onesie and pants. 

3. Romper

4. White cardigan 

5. Packing cube (I love these)

6. Footless sleepers (if it warmish)

7. Footed sleepers (if it’s coolish)

8. Bathing suit and cover up (who knows, it’s summer)

10. Pink hoodie. 

For Mr.Bubbers…

1. Swim trunks

2. Two pairs of pants

3. Packing cube

4. Two t shirts

5. Jammies

6. Hoodie 

7. Rain jacket

8. Two pairs of shorts

9. Two pairs underwear 

For me…

1. Red and white striped t shirt and denim capris. 

2. Underwear (going to wear the same bra)

3. Sleepwear

4. Packing cube

5. Navy and white striped t shirt and coral shorts. 

6. Tankini

That’s it for clothes. S packed for himself so I don’t have pics of his stuff. I know we won’t need it all but with the weather here in Newfoundland we could need shorts and a parka in the same weekend. Hope this helps if you needed some ideas. 

And I’m off!

Florida Target Haul!

I’m on a plane right now retuning from our two and a half weeks in Tampa, Florida. We had an amazing break, I actually didn’t realize how much I needed it. I’m planning on doing a post on travelling with an infant and toddler. I’ve learned quite a few tricks😉. 

One of the best things about being in America is Target!!! I’ve had major withdrawal since they all closed in Canada so I went about 5 times with I was in Tampa. 

The first few things were essentials for the flight home. 
1. Binkys for baby V

2. Binky wipes and wet wipes (I love a good wipe)

3. Baby wipes (again with the wipes)

4. Pampers

Then fun stuff-

5. Star Wars underwear for Mr Bubbers. (Finally potty trained yay!)

6. Nose sucker. This one is really cool (I know…mom thing)

7. Socks for Mr Bubbers 

8. Mabelline define and fill eyebrow pencil in dark brown

9. 5 pairs of Gillian&O’Mally panties

10. Really cute travel q-tips (little things excite me)

11. Mossimo t-shirt with little hot pink elephants on it. Love this. 

12. Mossimo chambray shirt (ya can’t have too many, ya know?)

I probably could have done more damage but the exchange is so bad right now. 

Even though we don’t have Target at home anymore, Winners opened while I was away! I’m so excited to check it out. There will be a haul post for sure. 

And I’m off!

Getaway Haul!

As promised, here is what I bought on my little day long getaway. I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping, but with only a day, I did my best.  

I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique (there isn’t one where I live) and got the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay and a new crease brush by Quo. I was thinking about this palette for a long time and finally got it. I love that they are all matte shades. 

I was on the hunt for shoes for Mr.Bubbers, and I found 2 pairs, (sandals and sneakers) at Winners. Love Winners. I also got him a pair of brown “leather” sandals at The Shoe Company.  

I did most of the clothes shopping at Gap, even though it really wasn’t that much. I got Bubs a pair of swim trunks and a pair of navy track pants. 

For me, I found these awesome moto style track pants at Gap. I love the zips.  

And this really cute dress that I have been eyeing online.  

 I really like navy. Can you tell?

While in St.John’s, I went to this amazing consignment shop called Found. I was going in to drop some things off but, of course, I had to look around.  


I got these amazing Lululemon shorts free because I had money on my account. Sweet!  

I did manage to get to Bath and Body Works to pick up a few candles, and they made it home in my little carry on suitcase in one piece! These were on for half price by the way!

The lilac one is my favourite I think. Lilacs are starting to come out here now, they remind me of summers as a kid. The larger ones are Oceanside and the really nice frosted glass  one is Sunset beach. They are all really mild beachy/ocean scents. As if you couldn’t tell by the names. Duh. 

That’s it for shopping for me for quite a while I think. It was great to get away by myself for a little bit, I’m very glad to be home with my boys now though. 

And I’m off!