Pirate Party!

This past weekend we had Mr Bubbers’ 4th birthday party! I can not believe he is 4. Since he doesn’t go to school yet and he doesn’t go to day care he doesn’t have a whole lot of friends his age, but that didn’t stop us from having a super fun party. A pirate party!!!!

I had some party things from his second birthday when I thought of having a pirate theme but he wanted Mickey Mouse. So they went in the closet. I’m so glad I remembered it was there. 

My friend and I turned the play house into a pirate ship. 

The food we of course pirate themed and I have some amazingly talented friend who made the cake and cupcakes. 

Fish and Chips
Treasure map pizza

My husband made a treasure hunt complete with actual buried treasure. 

Bubs and his buddy checking out the loot.
We all dressed up, even without saying it was a costume party. That’s theatre folk for ya. We even had name tags with “your pirate name” on it. 

Our little pirate had an amazing time, and so did we. 

And I’m off!

Blogidays…day 14/15

Day 14 was a Monday and very uneventful in my world. Mr. Bubbers and I managed to bake cookies and that was about the extent of it. 

 Feeling very uncomfortable these days. There is 8 weeks left until baby. My last pregnancy was way easier. I danced in my year end show 2 weeks before I had Bubs. This baby is kicking my ass. 

Tuesday the 15 was a different story. I had a lunch meeting so I had to get going. Babysitter arranged, I went to my lunch meeting. I got the costumes for Oz arranged with the costume designer, found someone to build the set and got some Christmas shopping done. I was on fire! Did I mention I baked homemade chocolate chip banana muffins and put supper in the slow cooker before 11am! Yup, I did!  

Then I went to work! Cray! Taught my last Tuesday classes before the Christmas break. 

So now I’m pretty much dead. I do have my babysitter coming again tomorrow so I can be “productive” again.  But it might just be nap time. 

Day 14 of my Body Shop advent calendar  

 A heart shaped soap of an undetermined scent. 

Day 15 of my Body Shop advent calendar.  

 Sugar Plum shimmery body lotion. 

I hoping to get stuff done tomorrow, but we’ll see.  

And I’m off. 

Blogidays…days 11/12/13

Weekend has come and gone and I haven’t written a thing. Friday was low key, Bubs and I just hung out all day. When S got home we made a plan to go get groceries a bit later than usual so we wouldn’t be caught in the craziness that was last Friday. 

Saturday we spent the day getting ready for my staff pot luck and secret Santa which I host at my house. S made an amazing lasagna and I made “the wings”. That’s my party food specialty. The night was so fun! Lots of food and presents and good times. 


S looking at some pics he took while holding his wine and Baby. One of our teachers had a baby a few weeks ago.  

Sunday we had out Christmas/maternity photos done. I was so tired from the day before, but I don’t see a time in the near future where I won’t be tired. So we went ahead with it.  

 Me. In between real pictures at out photo session, I got the photographer to take one on my phone. 

Now on to the last week of classes before Christmas break. My classes have decided to have parties in class so I better get to baking. 

I almost forgot, my Body Shop advent calendar goodies.  

 Shea Shower Cream


Almond hand and cuticle cream. 

 Strawberry lip butter

And I’m off!

Blogidays…day 5 Christmas Parade Party

It’s Santa Claus Parade day! Since we moved into our house three years ago, we’ve had a little get together for the Santa Claus Parade. It’s an evening parade and it goes right by our house, so if it’s really cold you don’t even have to go outside. 

I spent most of the day prepping the food and snacks.  

 I made my sweet onion Swiss dip (shown here,bottom right, before it went in the oven), smoked salmon, gingerbread cookies,chicken wings and more. I also made a big pot of Chilli and crock pot hot chocolate (which to be honest was a Pinterest fail, tasted like cake mix)

Right before people started showing up, I remembered my advent calendar! Oh my! How could I forget?  

 Today I got Fiji green tea body wash. I’ve never heard of that scent. Will definitely be trying it. 

Everyone at the party had gone home by 8pm. Yay for parties that involve small children and start at 4pm. I’m so tired I can’t even explain. Little baby in my belly gets really heavy really fast these days. Time to lie down. 

And I’m off!

Blogidays…day 4  Out with the Crazies!

I’m a day late with this a sits been a pretty busy couple of days. The day started with advent calendar fun times! Of course!  

 Day 4 of my Body Shop Advent Calender was a black eyeliner pencil. I haven’t tried Body Shops eye liners before, but I love black eyeliner, so yay!

Bubs and I had a pretty chill day. Then went S got home we went out to get groceries for our Santa Claus Parade party.  

 Bubs making faces at the supermarket. 

The place was crazy! I mean cray cray! It was like the end of the world or something. We managed to get out alive and with our groceries. Then, since we had a gift card, we went for pizza for supper. Mr.Bubs was so good the whole time we were out.  

I had to go to the mall to make a return, which I figured, since we were out in the crazy pre Christmas madness, why the hell not.  

 Sizing up the tree or the display…or both. 

We got home around 7, unpacked the groceries, and watched Scrooged. I even managed to get a bath!

And I’m off

Blogidays…Day 3. 

Not much happening on the third day of December as I’m feeling pretty crappy today. A tip from me to you-don’t wait until you’re almost 40 to have kids. I had Bubs when I was 35 and now on baby #2 (and last one might I add), and this pregnancy is kicking my ass. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m still teaching dance three days a week and working on 4 shows this year. One is done, check. Three to go, one before baby and two after. 

Advent calendar fun times of the day.  

 Body shop mini Shea butter. I love their body butters!

I don’t have the energy for much today. Managed to plan my menu and a grocery list for the parade party Saturday.  

Also managed to shower! If you are pregnant with a toddler at home you know what a feat that is. 

I went to visit my best friend and her new little baby boy on the way to work. Yes, I did manage to go to work AND get stuff done while I was there. Cray.  

 One week old! 

I was holding him on my belly and my baby kept kicking him in the bum. Hilarious.  

Tomorrow is “get the house ready for a party” day. Let’s hope I get a little energy. 

And I’m off!

Blogidays….Day 2

Today started with a phone call from my doctors office telling me my results came back from my last blood work. Turns out my iron is low. I figured that considering I have as much energy as a dish cloth these days. I guess it’s steak for supper!

Bubs and I opened our advent calendars, yay! Here is what I got in my Body Shop calendar.  

 The Vitamin E moisture cream. I actually have three of these now. I better start using them up. 

Mr. Bubbers has a wooden tree advent calendar I got at Target last year. (RIP Target). I fill it with whatever fits. This year it’s Thomas the train minis. They fit perfect.  

Today he got Diesel! 

We played mega blocs.  


And I worked away at some decorating. I went to teach my class but had to leave early because S had a meeting. Oh dear, it seems like I can never get to my Wednesday tap class. They had lots to practice and my assistant was there so it worked out.  

Here is a peek at my decorating progress today. 

Now for a cup of tea and a piece of my mom fruit cake and cheese. Yum!

And I’m off!