Life Less Organized

That should be the title of my autobiography, my life less organized. I want to be organized, I long to be organized, I have to soul of an organized person, but alas, I am not. 

I’ve spent the past few years, since we moved into our current house, trying to make it a functional organized home. It never works. I purge things I don’t use, get rid of clothes that don’t fit, I clean out and organize different areas of my house just for it to go back to the way it was within a week. 

I can’t stick to keeping an organized home. That’s my issue. I can get organized, the upkeep seems to be my downfall. I actually enjoy the process of organizing something. My closet, my desk, even planning and organizing for a trip. It’s fun. But why on earth can’t I keep it up?!? I need organizational Viagra. When it comes to keeping things tidy and in the proper place I just go limp. 

Sometimes I think that a new organizational system or plan will help, nope. Same pile of clothes on the chair, same Tupperware avalanche from the cupboard within days of implementing my “new system”. 

So this is my cry for help. I need something to help me organize and stay organized for longer than a few days. Enter Marie Kondo, not actually her, but that would be cool. I’ll try anything to actually be able to see what the surface of my dresser looks like. I read the book, actually listened to the audio book, but same thing.

I have attempted a few small things, my panties drawer first, (I know some people hate that word, which is the reason I had to use it..) I dumped the whole drawer out onto my bed and started chucking. Basically it was pairs that don’t fit right therefore never wear. And done. That was easy.

So I moved onto the other drawers, one by one. But that’s the wrong way to do it right? I was supposed to dump all clothing in one giant pile on the floor. That’s the point! The thing about that is, I do not have a surface in my home big enough to do that. if I took all my clothes, I mean everything, I would have to use my backyard to make one pile. And that ain’t happening anytime soon. As there is still WW1 style trenches in the snow out there.

To tell you the truth I can’t see myself holding every piece and seeing if it sparks joy, or thanking a piece “for its service” before saying goodbye. So I’m back to square one. Wasting time, organizing a small part of my home, just for it to look the same or worse in less than a week.

Have you Marie Kondoed anything? Let me know.

And I’m off! 

Ok, I’m Vlog Obsessed. 

Now that it’s the week of American thanksgiving, it’s kinda the start of the Christmas season. Even though we in Canada had thanksgiving over a month ago, we still acknowledge Black Friday etc. 

Lately I’ve been watching Pretty Neat Living on YouTube. Not just the current videos, but I’ve been binge watching her Vlogidays videos from 2012 on. She used to have three YouTube channels, Now she has combined them into one, very smart idea I think. Her Vlogs were all on her My Housewife Life channel, and I find them so addictive. 

Her name is Jennifer Ross and she lives in Chicago with her husband Don, her baby girl Charlotte and her dog Winnie. They seem to be very well off which is why I think I enjoy watching so much. I love seeing her beautiful, put together house, amazing shopping hauls and the incredible restaurants they go to. 

Now, these vlogs were from before she had baby Charlotte. She doesn’t vlog anymore which is too bad. I think something may have happened for her to give it up, but I don’t know. 

Anyway, I enjoy watching their life. Maybe I’m a bit jealous of it, but whatever. It was her who inspired me to start a YouTube channel of my own. I haven’t posted anything for a very long time as my computer was being a shit and I also don’t have the time. 

I would love to do what she does but for now I’m enjoying getting into the holiday spirit by watching Jenn and her peeps have (a very organized) thanksgiving and Christmas. 
And I’m off. 

Ok, time to get back at it….

I haven’t written a post since August. That’s almost three months. What’s up slacker! (That’s me yelling at myself). So here is the short version of the story of why I haven’t posted a blog post (or a video) in what feels like a decade….I’m tired. That’s it. No big life changing event that has kept me from my computer. Nope, I’m just so damn tired all the time that typing seems like a workout. And if you know me at all, I don’t workout. 

I know what you’re thinking, yeah we are all tired. I’m not saying I’m the most tired anyone has ever been, I’m mom tired. Although I did find my keys in the fridge and the butter in the cutlery drawer. 

My brain doesn’t work, I feel cross eyed, and I haven’t showered in 4 days. Normal mommy stuff. 

I have a 4 year old who isn’t in pre school or anything, I’m home in the day so there is no need. I also have a 9 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night. I teach dance classes three evenings a week and run a business, the dance studio. So, I’m tired. 

Having all of that said, I really want/need to get back at blogging and making videos because I need something for me. So this is me hiting the restart button. Here we go. 

And I’m off. 

The Breastfeeding fight. 

My little darling girl is now two weeks old and is the sweetest little thing since Mr.Bubbers. 

Like when I had him, I had every intention to breast feed. I mean that’s what boobs are for, how hard could it be? Well let me tell you, for me it is beyond hard and I pretty much lost my mind. 

Let me go back a bit to 2012 when my beautiful baby boy was born. I was in labour for 28 hours followed by a fever, an infection and an emergency c-section. So needless to say, motherhood for me started out rocky. After he was born the fight began. I had two nurses holding my boobs, another one holding my baby, another trying to get him to latch (btw if I ever hear the word “latch” again it will do me in). Plus, I had an IV and getting antibiotics every couple of hours and a horde of student nurses coming in and out staring at me like I was a side show act. 

I tried to get him to latch for three months. I mostly pumped and fed him from a bottle. It was exhausting and painful, physically and emotionally.

 I saw friends of mine just whip their boob out and feed their baby like they would check their phone for messages. With no effort, without a second thought. Why was it so hard for me? After dealing with blocked ducts multiple times and mastitis twice I gave up. I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Now, I’m dealing with it all over again. I was optimistic with baby girl. I thought “different baby, might be easier, she might just take to me no problem”. Not so much. 

The hospital situation was much easier. I guess since I had been through it before they didn’t feel they had to put the pressure on me. Plus, baby girl was definitely more eager to latch on. The nurses even said her latch was fine. There’s that word again…shutter…  Anyway, she just wouldn’t suck, not hard enough anyway. But the pain was still there. Oh the pain! I might as well had razor blades slicing at me nipples. 

So here I am, two and a half weeks in and I’m done. I can’t deal with it, I’m too old for this. Plus having a three year old who is not letting me do what I’d like to, eg.sleep. 

I’m not torturing myself anymore. I have to do what’s good for me. Baby is fine, she’s better than fine, she’s awesome. Now I have to work on me being awesome. Today’s society is all “breast is best” and I’m sure it is, but it’s not best if the mother can’t do it! I’m racked with guilt because I should be breastfeeding. I should try harder. It’s natural. It’s best for baby. I’m losin’ it man!

I decided when I was trying to feed my baby and she ended up with a mouth full of blood because my nipples were bleeding, that I’m done. All the power to nursing mothers everywhere. I wish I could be among you, but it ain’t happening. 
And I’m off!

The Pregnant Director

So, Blogidays was an utter fail. After a few days of nothing to report I realized my life was not really interesting enough to write about everyday. 

Here’s a little update about what has been going on with us. Mr Bubs and S were hardcore into the potty training over the holidays, so, naturally, that was fun. I’m having a hard time actually moving these days so I kind of left that up to the darling husband. We aren’t totally there yet, but Bubs is definitely getting there. 

As for me, I am now 35 weeks pregnant and two weeks away for our mid year show “OZ”. I’m having a really hard go any the moment. I’m having a lot of pain, how shall I put this….in my crotch. I can barely walk, and sitting isn’t the best unless I’m on a cushion. Not a good thing for someone who is directing a dance show at the moment. 

The doctor told me “baby seems big” and is pushing on stretched out (from when I was pregnant with Bubs) ligaments in my pelvis. 

I didn’t really think much of doing a show the end of January when I booked it. Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t pregnant when we decided to do this show. When I was pregnant with Bubs I actually danced in a show two weeks before he was born. I thought it would be the same this time. Not so much. 

Granted, I’m not dancing in this one. Not that I could even if I wanted to. But I still thought I could put the show together. Well, it’s kinda hard when I can’t really walk. I’ve been delegating like crazy this week since the doctor told me I need to “take it really easy”. So of course, that night, my costume designer, who was doing all the running around town, getting costumes together, and generally taking the pressure off me, broke her foot! Bloody hell!

Anyway, my amazing staff at the studio have been doing the “running and fetching” and I’ve farmed out projects to anyone who would take one on. 

I’m hoping to do a few posts about the show soon. It’s coming together fast, which is good, because we only have two weeks! 

Well that was a rambling post if there ever was one. I’m taking it easy today as I still had to go to work this week and even though o sat most of the time, it’s time to put my feet up. 

Blogidays…day 17 Playing trains

Another pretty uneventful day. I really need to get the rest of Christmas sorted, if only I wasn’t so tired and miserable. Oh right, I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I see those women, the ones with two or three kids at home and pregnant with another and doing everything totally as normal and they are due Monday. What the frack is that? 

I know I have been doing good up to now. Home with Mr Bubbers all day then going to work to teach dance plus chreographing and dancing in a musical. But I’m done. Totally tapped out, pardon the pun (get it tap…dance teacher…). All I can manage is trying my best at getting in the floor to play with Bubs, with no guarantee of getting back up. 

We did manage a pretty epic train track set up today.  


I also had a tech meeting about my next show, OZ, my version of The Wizard of Oz. Which just happens to be 10 days before baby comes. I have no idea how I’m going to manage that. I’m not dancing in that one though. I’m not that crazy. 

Body Shop advent calendar for today: 

 Wild Argan Oil shower gel. 
And I’m off. 

Blogidays…day 14/15

Day 14 was a Monday and very uneventful in my world. Mr. Bubbers and I managed to bake cookies and that was about the extent of it. 

 Feeling very uncomfortable these days. There is 8 weeks left until baby. My last pregnancy was way easier. I danced in my year end show 2 weeks before I had Bubs. This baby is kicking my ass. 

Tuesday the 15 was a different story. I had a lunch meeting so I had to get going. Babysitter arranged, I went to my lunch meeting. I got the costumes for Oz arranged with the costume designer, found someone to build the set and got some Christmas shopping done. I was on fire! Did I mention I baked homemade chocolate chip banana muffins and put supper in the slow cooker before 11am! Yup, I did!  

Then I went to work! Cray! Taught my last Tuesday classes before the Christmas break. 

So now I’m pretty much dead. I do have my babysitter coming again tomorrow so I can be “productive” again.  But it might just be nap time. 

Day 14 of my Body Shop advent calendar  

 A heart shaped soap of an undetermined scent. 

Day 15 of my Body Shop advent calendar.  

 Sugar Plum shimmery body lotion. 

I hoping to get stuff done tomorrow, but we’ll see.  

And I’m off.