Time for a change. 

Pregnant me teaching a Mom and Tot class.

I am changing the name of my blog. If you haven’t already noticed, My Hole in the Head is now The Dancing Mommy

I needed a change to kick me in the ass and keep up with blogging. I wanted a name for my blog and my YouTube channel that gave a clue to what this is all about.

I started out writing this blog and doing videos as a way to try and organize my life. Do little organizational projects and blog/vlog about them. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I’m still trying to be organized but I’m not good at keeping things up. As obvious by the length of time between blog posts.

My Hole in the Head was a name I put on this blog because I was so busy I needed something else to do like “a hole in the head”.

I really think tIMG_4066he new name will help me be a little more focused on what I’m about these days. My kids, and all things mommy related. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month old girl.
My love of finding a good bargain. It could be sales or thrift shopping, the hunt for a good deal is the best part. And dance. I am after all a dance teacher and choreographer, I can’t leave that out.

Also, the balance of running a business, teaching classes, being a stay at home mom (I know that doesn’t really make sense. I’m home with the kids in the day, and teach in the evenings), being a choreographer, and keeping up general house stuff IS a dance it’s self.

That’s it, The Dancing Mommy.  Now other things just might creep in, but that’s the general idea.

Dancing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at 6 months pregnant.
Bubs showing off while I’m giving notes after dress rehearsal of “Oz”. Little V was born a week later.


Thrift Store Haul!

I’ve been working on “Grease”, the musical that the junior high school is doing. My husband who is a teacher there is directing so of course I’m choreographing and helping with costumes. In the “costume person” role I’ve been looking for costume pieces at local thrift shops. I love thrift shopping anyway so I found some cute things for Mr Bubbers and Baby V while I was at it. 

For Bubs….

1. Spider-Man shirt-Old Navy

2. Grey cotton pants- crico (Target I think)

3. Denim blue polo t shirt-Cherokee (also Target)

4. Navy and white striped t shirt- BabyGap 

For Baby V….

5. Blue and white bathing suit-Carters

6. White cotton dress-no label

7.Mint and white striped onesie-Carters

8. Red “Little Canadian” onesie-Joe Fresh

9. Teal with strawberry dress- Carters

10. Sleepers with tiny owls- Just One You by Carters

11. Pink with ballet slippers onesie- Just One You by Carters

12. Denim dress- Carters 

The best find was these baby Timberland boots. 

Brand new, $3!!! I googled them and they are originally $50! 

That’s it for this round. I’ll be doing more thrift shopping so stay tuned for more finds. 

And I’m off!