Winter Blues…in April 

Yay, it’s Spring! Well, it is in most of the world. I’m now into my 5th month of winter. Snow started in November and continued until, well it snowed yesterday.

There is over 4 feet of snow in my back yard, I still have to wear winter boots and I actually slipped under my car the other day. I’m so done. I’m beyond done. I’m over done.

I do get SAD, seasonal affective disorder, so I’m having a bit of a rough go right now. When I look at social media and see all the lovely spring weather pics from all over, I get excited! I start to think of how I’m going to arrange my patio furniture and what cute outfits to wear, then I look out.

That’s where my BBQ goes.

I’ve been feeling super down about all this snow. I’m not an outdoorsy person who skis or snowshoes so this extra winter just sucks!

So many people are going on their Easter holidays next week, or are gone now. All those pics of sunshine and beaches, pools and cocktails, sigh…I wish I was going too. I really have no right to complain as we spent three weeks in Florida in January, but that doesn’t change or fix how I feel right now.

Spring is coming though, just not as fast as I’d like right now. It is sunny today, so that’s a start.  I guess that’s what I have to deal with to live in a safe, clean, beautiful place.

And I’m off!


And I’m off! Seriously. We are on the road  heading east across our great island of Newfoundland.As you may or may not have heard, we have had a hell of a busy year. Now, it’s time for a break. We are headed to my parents house on beautiful Three Island Pond in Paradise. Also known to us as “the house on the lake”. 

Road trips with kids are….different. Meaning, you end up packing twice as much stuff as you really need “just in case”. For long car trip, which all of ours are, we need snacks, water, bottles, formula, DVD player, iPad, wipes-lots of wipes, pillows, blanket, etc…lets just say lots of stuff. 

Then, your schedule isn’t your own. Stop so Bubs can pee, stop so I can pee,stop to feed the baby, stop for lunch,stop to change the baby. Our trip used to take 7 hours from Corner Brook to St.John’s. Now it takes about 9. That’s long for anyone, but on a four year old it’s sheer torture. 

I gave Mr Bubbers a gravol before we left as he is susceptible to car sickness, he was stoned for the first 2-3 hours. 
Making all our stops things were going along pretty good. Baby was sleeping a lot and Bubs was watching a movie. 

With the usual “I can’t take this anymore” craziness in the last hour, we made it, 9 hours after we left home.  And it was all worth it. 

Now, where’s my wine?

And I’m off. 

My Busy, Crazy, Insane year. 

The end is nigh. Meaning the end of the summer theatre season. My husband runs a theatre festival during the month of July.  Let me explain…This past 10 months have  probably been the busiest of our married lives. I’ll start back in September 2015, my husband started auditions for “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the fall production for Off Broadway Players, he was the director and I was the choreographer. We are a great team, with musicals and otherwise. At this point I was 4 months pregnant and have a 3 year old and teaching dance classes and running my dance studio. 

S, my husband, was in rehearsals a lot. The show was the end of November, we had about 10 weeks to put it all together. Not bad considering we’ve done shows in half that time. I was running my rehearsals too, but he was gone to rehearsal any night I wasn’t teaching so we saw very little of each other.

 We were also both in the show as well, so there were quite a lot of babysitters and asking grandparents to come stay for a while. Neither of us have family living close by. Let me just say that dancing in a show at 6 months pregnant and sick all the time takes some major acting chops to not look as miserable as I felt. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Acadamy Award for that. 

Me in my “King Harod” number costume.
Me and my Roman Guards
Me ans my fellow temple prostitutes. Yes,I was a pregnant prostitute.

Once we closed that show,it was on to the next. The next show was actually mine, he held down the fort for a little while. But he was already in meetings for his next project, I’ll get to that. 

My dance studio, Dance Studio West, did Oz. 

An all dance version of The Wizard of Oz done to modern music. Thankfully I wasn’t in this one as well, because I was 36weeks pregnant.

My Wicked Witch of the West and her henchman
Mr Bubbers enjoying the stage while i give notes after dress rehearsal

Then, one week later….

Baby V was born. 

So, you’d think that would be it. Take some time to recover and get used to our new addition to our family. Not so much. 

S was asked a long time ago to direct the opening ceremonies of the Canada Special Olymics Winter Games that were being held in Corner Brook. And guess who was choreographing it? So the next 4 weeks was a blur of trying to get help to run rehearsals until I could move, a very busy husband and figuring out life with a newborn and a three year old. We pulled it off! And it went great!

Then we took three weeks and took off to Florida! A break we really needed, but it was right back at it as soon as we got back. 

My year end show was next. The big annual recital for the whole studio. Crazy times. 

“Pour Some Sugar On Me”

That’s not all! Then my husband was directing Grease with the school where he teaches, and you guessed it, I was choreographing. 

By the first of June, the studio was closed and I was finished work for the summer. Ahhhh….summer. Time for a break. Not so much. S and two friends of ours run a theatre festival for the month of July called Stage West Theatre Festival. So I choreographed the musical Ruthless, and S directed it as well as two other shows. I was a theatre widow for most of June and July. 

Soldiers Heart

Tonight the festival closes. We will be heading out of town for a month of holidays.  It’s been the busiest, craziest, stressfu-est, year. 

Now it’s done! And so am I.  
And I’m off!

Packing for a last minute overnight trip with 2 kids. 

We just decided to go out of town to visit family tomorrow for an overnight, so I thought I’d do a quick little post about what I’m packing. 

The thing is with packing for small kids is whether you are going away for a night or a week, you’re going to have stuff. Multiple outfits for the kids because they are messy, multiple outfits for you because they are messy. And more often than not, they get messy on you. Not to mention the toys they want to bring, the distractions, the snacks, the diapers etc. 

This is what clothes I packed. 

For Baby V….

1. Onesie and pants to wear in the car. 

2. Back up onesie and pants. 

3. Romper

4. White cardigan 

5. Packing cube (I love these)

6. Footless sleepers (if it warmish)

7. Footed sleepers (if it’s coolish)

8. Bathing suit and cover up (who knows, it’s summer)

10. Pink hoodie. 

For Mr.Bubbers…

1. Swim trunks

2. Two pairs of pants

3. Packing cube

4. Two t shirts

5. Jammies

6. Hoodie 

7. Rain jacket

8. Two pairs of shorts

9. Two pairs underwear 

For me…

1. Red and white striped t shirt and denim capris. 

2. Underwear (going to wear the same bra)

3. Sleepwear

4. Packing cube

5. Navy and white striped t shirt and coral shorts. 

6. Tankini

That’s it for clothes. S packed for himself so I don’t have pics of his stuff. I know we won’t need it all but with the weather here in Newfoundland we could need shorts and a parka in the same weekend. Hope this helps if you needed some ideas. 

And I’m off!

Baby Girl Haul!

If you haven’t been keeping up with me, we spent a few weeks in March in Tampa,Florida at my mom and step dads place. Baby V was only 6 weeks old and my husband was able to take parental leave from work, so off we went.

Of course I did some shopping for both kids, because, well, there isn’t anywhere to get baby things where I live unless you go to Walmart. I hate Walmart. Winners opened here while we were away, so things are looking up!

I did my shopping for Baby V at a few places, mostly discount-y type places or sales. With the way the Canadian dollar is now, I wasn’t spending full price on anything.

My favourite place to shop for both Baby V and Mr. Bubs was Reruns 4 Little Ones and the best part was that they are pretty much around the corner from my moms place AND they have a stamp card towards discounts!

Here’s what I found there:

1. I LOVE this dress. It’s Janie and Jack and it’s so precious with the smocking.

2. I actually picked this up thinking it was just a little terry cloth dress. I got to the cash and realized it was a bathing suit and cover up!!! I can’t wait to put her in this this summer.

3. This is also Janie and Jack. I just love navy and white.

4. This was her Easter outfit. But I’ll still put her in it this summer. It’s just too sweet.

I found some great deal on Carters stuff. Some from the Carters outlet at the new Tampa Premium Outlets and some from Babies R Us where they actually had buy one get one free!

 5. This little set has a onsie (in a mesh bag for some reason) that says “Beautiful in every way”. I just love the colours.

6. I got these pants for her because they were a little looser fit. All the pants she has are leggings.

7. I had to get these sleepers with the ballet slippers on them. Obviously.

8. I love this little suit. I actually will put the onesie on under the top. It will be too small of I wait until it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves.

I got these outfits at Ross, which was also not far from my moms place…awesome!

9. I got both of these in a size 6months so she could wear them this summer.

10. This one had 4 pieces! A top, onsie, shorts and pants! The bow on the bum is just too sweet.

I did buy more summer things she wore while we were there, but I brought them to the consignment shop before we left. They would be too small for her by the time the weather warms up enough here.

Now we just have to wait for summer, which I really hope will come. We are starting to see signs of spring now though, so we’ll get there.

Check out my video so see and hear more about my baby girl haul from Florida!

And I’m off!

My Florida Haul!

I’ve been back from our trip for about three weeks now, but it’s never too late to share a haul,right?

With the exchange rate the way it is at the moment, shitty, I really didn’t do much shopping for me. I did however buy things for the baby and Mr.Bubbers. I’ll do a separate post on that haul. This one is just the things I bought for myself. I did get to my favourite place,Target about 5 times. Also, I got a few things at Nordstroms rack.

What I got at Le Target:

*please excuse how wrinkly everything is. Eventhough they’ve been unpacked for a few weeks the wrinkles seem to have stayed.

1.Love this t-shirt with the little neon orange elephants!

2.I wore this outfit so much while I was in Florida. The shorts and top are Merona and really light and flowy.

3.I’m still obsessed with this colour this spring.

4.I certainly didn’t need another chambray shirt, I have about 5 of different shades of blue. But I loved the patch pockets on this one.

Ross just happened to be super close to my moms place. So I had to go there.

5. This coral colour top, is my other colour obsession for spring. I love it!

6. I always love navy no matter the time of year. I love the “longer in the back” type tops.

7. Again with this turquoise colour. My mom and I both bought the same one. It’s rounded on the bottom and looks super cute with shorts.

8. These Skechers memory foam loafers are the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet. I was even wearing them around the house as slippers!

The non clothing stuff I bought was a couple bags from Nordstrom Rack and some packing goodies from the Container Store. My internal organized person loves the Container Store. I wish she’d come out more often…..

My treat to myself was this beautiful Rebecca Minkoff canvas tote. This is my summer bag for sure! This was a great find at Nordstrom Rack

The other bag I bought I actually bought the last time I was in Florida.  I left it there to use when I’m there. But I used it so much I decided to bring it home.

 It also came from Nordstrom Rack. It’s a Lasportsac. I used it as a beach/pool bag. It’s so light and it has three outside zip pockets perfect for sunscreens and sunglasses.

I wanted to get a few more Eagle Creek Pack-it system packing cubes. That’s what I got at the Container store.

I got one set of the spectre compression cubes, one set of the spectre pack-it cubes, and the spectre stuffer set mini. I also found a small expandable packing cube by Lewis and Clark at TJ Maxx.

Check out my video to hear a little more about what I got!

And I’m off!

Packing for baby and toddler! 

I started writing this post before our March vacation but I didn’t get it finished. I’m posting it anyway as I think it still could be helpful. Sorry there is no pictures of the packing and it’s very “list-y”. But it’s good if you are wondering what exactly to back for a two part, two climate trip with little ones. 

Here it is. 


 Baby V is a month old and we are heading on vacation! A week in St.John’s and then flying from there to Tampa for two and a half weeks, yay!!!

I’m planning on packing very light, or as light as I can with 4 week old baby and a 3 1/2 year old. The tricky part is I have to pack for two climates. Crappy spring/winter in St.John’s and the Florida warm sunshine. The packing light part will mostly be for the Florida part as I have some things left at my moms (where we are staying) but the truth is they don’t have much in the way of warm weather clothes. Bubs has grown out of much of his, and baby V doesn’t have any, obviously. 

So here is what I’m packing. 

Baby V


8 sleepers (I’ll leave half of these at my in laws house in St.John’s)

10 short sleeve onesies

5 long sleeve onesies (I’ll leave these at my in laws house too)

3 pairs of baby socks

2 outfits (to look cute for outings or company)

Then the non-clothing things

10 burp cloths/receiving blankets

1 full pack of diapers, I’ll buy more there. 

2 packs of wipes, again I’ll buy more there. 


Bum cream

Baby shampoo 

Baby lotion

Snot sucker

5 bibs

3 bottles, planning on buying another pack there. 


2 blankets

Baby/toddler medical kit- baby tylonol, band aids, kids polysproin, gripe water etc

Moby wrap-daddy’s Cartier

Ergo- my carrier, I have a bad back and this one works better for me. 

I didn’t pack and specific Florida clothes for her because, well..she doesn’t have any. My mom took care of that, there is plenty of cute outfits waiting for her there. 

For Mr.Bubbers


For my 3 1/2 year old, I packed two separate packing cubes. One with St.Johns stuff that I will then leave there at my in laws house. And one with Florida stuff. 


2 pairs jeans

4 pairs track/comfy pants

4 long sleeve shirts 

3 short sleeve shirts (to take to Florida too)

1 hoodie

1 fleece jacket

1 sweatshirt 

5 pairs socks

10 pairs underpants 

4 sets PJs

Winter boots

Hiker sneakers

His toiletries 






4 pairs of shorts

4 t-shirts (in addition to the ones above)

2 swim trunks

Sun hat




3sets of warm weather PJs