Time for a change. 

Pregnant me teaching a Mom and Tot class.

I am changing the name of my blog. If you haven’t already noticed, My Hole in the Head is now The Dancing Mommy

I needed a change to kick me in the ass and keep up with blogging. I wanted a name for my blog and my YouTube channel that gave a clue to what this is all about.

I started out writing this blog and doing videos as a way to try and organize my life. Do little organizational projects and blog/vlog about them. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I’m still trying to be organized but I’m not good at keeping things up. As obvious by the length of time between blog posts.

My Hole in the Head was a name I put on this blog because I was so busy I needed something else to do like “a hole in the head”.

I really think tIMG_4066he new name will help me be a little more focused on what I’m about these days. My kids, and all things mommy related. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month old girl.
My love of finding a good bargain. It could be sales or thrift shopping, the hunt for a good deal is the best part. And dance. I am after all a dance teacher and choreographer, I can’t leave that out.

Also, the balance of running a business, teaching classes, being a stay at home mom (I know that doesn’t really make sense. I’m home with the kids in the day, and teach in the evenings), being a choreographer, and keeping up general house stuff IS a dance it’s self.

That’s it, The Dancing Mommy.  Now other things just might creep in, but that’s the general idea.

Dancing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at 6 months pregnant.
Bubs showing off while I’m giving notes after dress rehearsal of “Oz”. Little V was born a week later.


Blogidays…Day 1

Ok, so I did a lousy job blogging about the show. It was a crazy busy time and doing a show at 28 weeks pregnant is exhausting. But I did it! And looked damn fine doing it, if a do say so.  

 These are my girls, the temple prostitutes. That’s me in the middle  kneeling down. 

Now that’s done, and it’s the first day of December, my plan is to blog everyday right through the holidays. 

Today I got to open the 1 in my Body Shop Advent Calendar. The past two years I have made my husband an advent calendar. Two years ago it was a wine calendar and last year it was a beer calendar. He felt bad he didn’t have one for me. So this year he got me this one from The Body Shop. I love it.  

The missing spot is where the number 1 was. Here is what I got! 

The frosted cranberry shimmer lotion. I didn’t read it and put it on my hands immediately. Now my hands are full of shimmer. Oh well. It’s still a nice lotion. 

There isn’t much else happening today. I’m picking away at decorating. Have to get everything done by Saturday as it is Santa Claus Parade day and we are having our annual parade party. The parade route goes right by our house, so we don’t even have to go outside of it’s too cold!

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to do a few vlogs over the holidays too. I have been seriously neglecting my YouTube channel. 
And I’m off!


Another Dance Year Over.


After three fantastic shows, I’m done.

Everything went great I have to say. Mostly due to the amazing help I had and the best staff in the world. The studio is now done regular classes for the summer. Having said that, there is still things happening. One of my teachers is teaching some summer classes, Stage West Theatre is starting up now, but I’m taking some time off from my real job and diving into my blogging life.

Have a look at what opening night was like from my point of view!

And I’m off!

Saturday Night Dinner Party!

Saturday night we hosted a dinner party for 12 at our house. I love to cook, so this of fun for me. I hate to clean up, but S got my back there. I tried to vlog thins weekend too, so I kind of dropped the ball on the photo taking. I did get a few though.

 I decorated the table with random things from around my house. Assorted candles, tea lights, flowers and a mix match veriaty of wine glasses. Having 12 people for dinner means using all the dishes and stemware I had. Also, for 12 people, I but the two leaves in my already large table.  I happened to have some brown paper and used it as a runner down the centre of the table.  I didn’t have a table cloth to fit the massive table.


 Salade Caprese


Braised Short Ribs with garlic                      Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus 


Chocolate Eclair Cake

I love Caprese salad. I order it whenever it’s on a menu. Buffalo mozzarella, plum tomatoes, basil with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a big crouton or two. Yum!  

I did the short ribs in the slow cooker with garlic, Montreal steak spice, worschestershire sauce and red wine. God they were good!

Sorry about the crappy picture.
The mashed potatoes were just basic mashed potatoes with butter, a little milk, garlic and my secret ingredient! 

I did the asparagus in the oven with just olive oil, salt and pepper. it was the easiest way to do that much asparagus. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the dessert, but here is the picture from the Pinterest pin where I found the recipe.  

 Ours didn’t look quite so pretty but it tasted amazing!

We had a really fun weekend. Like I said I vlogged so check out my YouTube channel and see what else we were up to. 

*note- I’m having trouble uploading the Vlog for some reason. It will get there….I hope. 

**It’s finally up. Why must technology be so frustrating?

And I’m off!

Our Vaycay Vlog!

I was planning on Vlogging our trip recently. I did do a bit of filming but not what I wanted. Here is what I have. It’s not edited and it’s great, but I thought I’d share anyway.

We had to drive 4 hours to Gander to get out flight. We waited too long to book so we couldn’t get it out of our home airport. Lesson learned. We spent the first night in Orlando then drove to Tampa to spent the rest of the week at my mom and step dads place. We had a surprise visit from my brother in law and his family. Mr.Bubs had fun playing with his cousin. There was some excitement that day when there was a boat fire in our neighbourhood, complete with police helicopters overhead.

Seeing as we had to drive back to Orlando to get our flight home, we went a day early and went to Disneys Animal Kingdom. It was kind of a fail, but swimming back at the hotel was super fun.

Here is the vlog. Hope you enjoy a peek at our vacation.



And I’m off!