Time for a change. 

Pregnant me teaching a Mom and Tot class.

I am changing the name of my blog. If you haven’t already noticed, My Hole in the Head is now The Dancing Mommy

I needed a change to kick me in the ass and keep up with blogging. I wanted a name for my blog and my YouTube channel that gave a clue to what this is all about.

I started out writing this blog and doing videos as a way to try and organize my life. Do little organizational projects and blog/vlog about them. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I’m still trying to be organized but I’m not good at keeping things up. As obvious by the length of time between blog posts.

My Hole in the Head was a name I put on this blog because I was so busy I needed something else to do like “a hole in the head”.

I really think tIMG_4066he new name will help me be a little more focused on what I’m about these days. My kids, and all things mommy related. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month old girl.
My love of finding a good bargain. It could be sales or thrift shopping, the hunt for a good deal is the best part. And dance. I am after all a dance teacher and choreographer, I can’t leave that out.

Also, the balance of running a business, teaching classes, being a stay at home mom (I know that doesn’t really make sense. I’m home with the kids in the day, and teach in the evenings), being a choreographer, and keeping up general house stuff IS a dance it’s self.

That’s it, The Dancing Mommy.  Now other things just might creep in, but that’s the general idea.

Dancing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at 6 months pregnant.
Bubs showing off while I’m giving notes after dress rehearsal of “Oz”. Little V was born a week later.


Ok, I’m Vlog Obsessed. 

Now that it’s the week of American thanksgiving, it’s kinda the start of the Christmas season. Even though we in Canada had thanksgiving over a month ago, we still acknowledge Black Friday etc. 

Lately I’ve been watching Pretty Neat Living on YouTube. Not just the current videos, but I’ve been binge watching her Vlogidays videos from 2012 on. She used to have three YouTube channels, Now she has combined them into one, very smart idea I think. Her Vlogs were all on her My Housewife Life channel, and I find them so addictive. 

Her name is Jennifer Ross and she lives in Chicago with her husband Don, her baby girl Charlotte and her dog Winnie. They seem to be very well off which is why I think I enjoy watching so much. I love seeing her beautiful, put together house, amazing shopping hauls and the incredible restaurants they go to. 

Now, these vlogs were from before she had baby Charlotte. She doesn’t vlog anymore which is too bad. I think something may have happened for her to give it up, but I don’t know. 

Anyway, I enjoy watching their life. Maybe I’m a bit jealous of it, but whatever. It was her who inspired me to start a YouTube channel of my own. I haven’t posted anything for a very long time as my computer was being a shit and I also don’t have the time. 

I would love to do what she does but for now I’m enjoying getting into the holiday spirit by watching Jenn and her peeps have (a very organized) thanksgiving and Christmas. 
And I’m off. 

Ok, time to get back at it….

I haven’t written a post since August. That’s almost three months. What’s up slacker! (That’s me yelling at myself). So here is the short version of the story of why I haven’t posted a blog post (or a video) in what feels like a decade….I’m tired. That’s it. No big life changing event that has kept me from my computer. Nope, I’m just so damn tired all the time that typing seems like a workout. And if you know me at all, I don’t workout. 

I know what you’re thinking, yeah we are all tired. I’m not saying I’m the most tired anyone has ever been, I’m mom tired. Although I did find my keys in the fridge and the butter in the cutlery drawer. 

My brain doesn’t work, I feel cross eyed, and I haven’t showered in 4 days. Normal mommy stuff. 

I have a 4 year old who isn’t in pre school or anything, I’m home in the day so there is no need. I also have a 9 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night. I teach dance classes three evenings a week and run a business, the dance studio. So, I’m tired. 

Having all of that said, I really want/need to get back at blogging and making videos because I need something for me. So this is me hiting the restart button. Here we go. 

And I’m off. 

What’s in my Diaper bag “Everything Bag”

One of my first post was about my “My Everything Bag“, some call it a just in case bag or a walking pharmacy. It’s a little pouch of things you might need. I have many versions of this, but this post is about my diaper bag edition.

My baby girl is now 5 months old and my little boy is now 4. I usually have a few “just in case” things in my diaper bag for my little guy too.

Check out my “What’s in my Diaper Bag” post and video.

On with things. Here is what I carry in my everything bag-diaper bag edition.

This Orla Kiely make up bag is what I’m using at the moment. I have two of these one is my regular everything bag. I might have to put a ribbon in it or something, I’ve been getting them confused. 😜

1. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes

2. Tylonol Back Pain-my Doctor gave me a bunch of sample packs last time I was there.

3. Band aids

4. Honest Co. Hand cream

5. Honest Co. Healing balm

6.Honest Co. Surface cleaner- mostly for air travel.

7.Smiths eucalyptus and mint lip balm

8. Advil-again with the sample packs

9. Q-tips

10. Mommy stuff- Urban Decay perversion mascara-sample

11. Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner-my go to.

12. Mirror

13. Baby Tylonol

14. Snap clip-I’m going out my bangs

15. Mini nail file

16. The bag…

17. Binky/pacifier/nummy/dumbtit

18. Nail clippers

Missing-a tampon and gum.

That’s my diaper bag edition of my everything bag. I hope this helps with your diaper bag packing needs. 😜

Here’s the video, and a little Baby V cuteness.

And I’m off!

Summer Outfits for the Curvy Girl. 

I’m a size 14-16 at the moment. After having a baby at the end of January, my life hasn’t stopped. And not just busy with baby, I also have a 4 year old, I teach dance classes (off for summer now! Thank god!), I own a dance studio and I’ve been working on choreography for three shows. Ya think that would cause a few pounds to drop off wouldn’t you? Not so much. The eating a double cheeseburger at 10:30 at night after rehearsal doesn’t help either.

I’m usually a size 12 anyway, so I’m generally a curvy girl. So I thought I’d share some easy summer outfit ideas for us busy girls with curves.

Casual BBQ or running errands.

Tank-Old Navy

Plaid shirt-Winners

Shorts-Target (from when we had a Target sniff sniff)

Sandals- Born brand from Winners

Bag-Vintage Coach from Model Citizens in St.John’s

Farmers Market or yard saleing😉

Top- Target (Florida)

Shorts- Target (Florida)

Sandals – Target from when we had it.




Dress-Tommy Hilfiger from Winners

Bag-Michael Kors



Bag-Rebrcca Minkoff

Top-Joe Fresh




Bag-Kate Spade

Here’s a few of behind the camera cuteness. As you can tell I ended up with a bit of a theme with the blues and whites but I guess that’s what I’m into theses days. It doesn’t show the spit up stains, lol. Winners has opened here and it has taken the place of Target as my happy place. Although the minute I get to Tampa it the first place I go. Also, you may have noticed I have a thing for bags. My theory is “A handbag will always fit. You’re never too fat for a purse.” I’d rather spend my money on something that will always fit, no matter what. 😉

Nothing like being able to run around all morning in your underwear and no one looks twice. 

Check out my look book  on YouTube!

And I’m off!

What’s in my Diaper Bag

I’ve been trying out different kinds of bags to use as my diaper bag for my 3 month old and my almost 4 year old. I’m not opposed to an actual proper “diaper bag”, I just find that my non diaper bag works best for me. I use a Kipling Sherpa travel tote

This is technically a travel carry on bag, but it works perfectly for what I need. The bag has one main part with one inside zip pocket. One long zip pocket on the front with two smaller zip pockets. It also has  a strap on the back that is meant to slip over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

On to what I have in there:

All packed up. There is still room for my water bottle and snacks if need be. 

Here’s what’s in the main part of the bag.

1. A packing cube with a change of clothes for Baby V and clean underpants for Bubs. Ya know, just in case.

2. Change kit. I love this thing. It’s by Munchkin.

3. Receiving blanket/burp cloth. I usually have a small burp cloth in there as well.

4. My Everything bag, but it’s my diaper bag version. Let me know if your interested in what I have in there.

5. Wet bag. I got this a The container store. For wet or dirty clothes.

6. Travel pack of wipes. Loves the wipes. I need them at arms reach all the time.

7. My notebook for a show I currently working on. I’m choreographing Grease and my husband is directing, so we get a babysitter for Bubs and take Baby V. That’s why it’s in there.

8. My Baby K’tan breeze for wearing baby in rehearsal.

Here’s what in the outside zip pocket.

1. My sunglasses

2. A pen

3. Tissues

4. Hand sanitizer

5. Spare pack of wipes for The change kit.

In the two smaller front zip pockets I keep her binky and binky wipes and I can fit two of her bottle in one pocket. We use the Tommee Tippie bottles.

I’ll also throw in some snacks for Bubs if we are going to be out for a while, but that is basically what I keep in there all the time so I can just take it and go. I hate running around trying to remember what to bring when it’s hard enough as it is to get out the door.

Check out my video to hear me show and tell!

And I’m off!

Baby Girl Haul!

If you haven’t been keeping up with me, we spent a few weeks in March in Tampa,Florida at my mom and step dads place. Baby V was only 6 weeks old and my husband was able to take parental leave from work, so off we went.

Of course I did some shopping for both kids, because, well, there isn’t anywhere to get baby things where I live unless you go to Walmart. I hate Walmart. Winners opened here while we were away, so things are looking up!

I did my shopping for Baby V at a few places, mostly discount-y type places or sales. With the way the Canadian dollar is now, I wasn’t spending full price on anything.

My favourite place to shop for both Baby V and Mr. Bubs was Reruns 4 Little Ones and the best part was that they are pretty much around the corner from my moms place AND they have a stamp card towards discounts!

Here’s what I found there:

1. I LOVE this dress. It’s Janie and Jack and it’s so precious with the smocking.

2. I actually picked this up thinking it was just a little terry cloth dress. I got to the cash and realized it was a bathing suit and cover up!!! I can’t wait to put her in this this summer.

3. This is also Janie and Jack. I just love navy and white.

4. This was her Easter outfit. But I’ll still put her in it this summer. It’s just too sweet.

I found some great deal on Carters stuff. Some from the Carters outlet at the new Tampa Premium Outlets and some from Babies R Us where they actually had buy one get one free!

 5. This little set has a onsie (in a mesh bag for some reason) that says “Beautiful in every way”. I just love the colours.

6. I got these pants for her because they were a little looser fit. All the pants she has are leggings.

7. I had to get these sleepers with the ballet slippers on them. Obviously.

8. I love this little suit. I actually will put the onesie on under the top. It will be too small of I wait until it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves.

I got these outfits at Ross, which was also not far from my moms place…awesome!

9. I got both of these in a size 6months so she could wear them this summer.

10. This one had 4 pieces! A top, onsie, shorts and pants! The bow on the bum is just too sweet.

I did buy more summer things she wore while we were there, but I brought them to the consignment shop before we left. They would be too small for her by the time the weather warms up enough here.

Now we just have to wait for summer, which I really hope will come. We are starting to see signs of spring now though, so we’ll get there.

Check out my video so see and hear more about my baby girl haul from Florida!

And I’m off!