Ok, I’m Vlog Obsessed. 

Now that it’s the week of American thanksgiving, it’s kinda the start of the Christmas season. Even though we in Canada had thanksgiving over a month ago, we still acknowledge Black Friday etc. 

Lately I’ve been watching Pretty Neat Living on YouTube. Not just the current videos, but I’ve been binge watching her Vlogidays videos from 2012 on. She used to have three YouTube channels, Now she has combined them into one, very smart idea I think. Her Vlogs were all on her My Housewife Life channel, and I find them so addictive. 

Her name is Jennifer Ross and she lives in Chicago with her husband Don, her baby girl Charlotte and her dog Winnie. They seem to be very well off which is why I think I enjoy watching so much. I love seeing her beautiful, put together house, amazing shopping hauls and the incredible restaurants they go to. 

Now, these vlogs were from before she had baby Charlotte. She doesn’t vlog anymore which is too bad. I think something may have happened for her to give it up, but I don’t know. 

Anyway, I enjoy watching their life. Maybe I’m a bit jealous of it, but whatever. It was her who inspired me to start a YouTube channel of my own. I haven’t posted anything for a very long time as my computer was being a shit and I also don’t have the time. 

I would love to do what she does but for now I’m enjoying getting into the holiday spirit by watching Jenn and her peeps have (a very organized) thanksgiving and Christmas. 
And I’m off. 

Blogidays…day 17 Playing trains

Another pretty uneventful day. I really need to get the rest of Christmas sorted, if only I wasn’t so tired and miserable. Oh right, I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I see those women, the ones with two or three kids at home and pregnant with another and doing everything totally as normal and they are due Monday. What the frack is that? 

I know I have been doing good up to now. Home with Mr Bubbers all day then going to work to teach dance plus chreographing and dancing in a musical. But I’m done. Totally tapped out, pardon the pun (get it tap…dance teacher…). All I can manage is trying my best at getting in the floor to play with Bubs, with no guarantee of getting back up. 

We did manage a pretty epic train track set up today.  


I also had a tech meeting about my next show, OZ, my version of The Wizard of Oz. Which just happens to be 10 days before baby comes. I have no idea how I’m going to manage that. I’m not dancing in that one though. I’m not that crazy. 

Body Shop advent calendar for today: 

 Wild Argan Oil shower gel. 
And I’m off. 

Blogidays…day 16

I’m getting stuff done. Slowly but surely. I’m gettin show stuff delegated and I’m officially done regular classes for the Christmas break. Having said that I do have a show meeting tomorrow and a rehearsal Sunday, but whatever. 

Mr.Bubs and I hung out and played this morning. He has a thing with hats lately. He always wants to be wearing a hat.  

 At least he’s being festive. Even though he doesn’t look very happy in this picture. 

I did go out and get some Christmas stuff done today when my babysitter came over. A few friends got together and bough a record player for another friend who lost his is a break up. After a conversation about record collections he said he had all kinds of records and nothing to play them on. He was very surprised, and I was very happy to play Santa and deliver it to him.  

As for my Body Shop advent calendar…

 Day 16, Vitamin E night cream. I almost have a full set of the vitamin e line now. 

And I’m off!

Blogidays…day 14/15

Day 14 was a Monday and very uneventful in my world. Mr. Bubbers and I managed to bake cookies and that was about the extent of it. 

 Feeling very uncomfortable these days. There is 8 weeks left until baby. My last pregnancy was way easier. I danced in my year end show 2 weeks before I had Bubs. This baby is kicking my ass. 

Tuesday the 15 was a different story. I had a lunch meeting so I had to get going. Babysitter arranged, I went to my lunch meeting. I got the costumes for Oz arranged with the costume designer, found someone to build the set and got some Christmas shopping done. I was on fire! Did I mention I baked homemade chocolate chip banana muffins and put supper in the slow cooker before 11am! Yup, I did!  

Then I went to work! Cray! Taught my last Tuesday classes before the Christmas break. 

So now I’m pretty much dead. I do have my babysitter coming again tomorrow so I can be “productive” again.  But it might just be nap time. 

Day 14 of my Body Shop advent calendar  

 A heart shaped soap of an undetermined scent. 

Day 15 of my Body Shop advent calendar.  

 Sugar Plum shimmery body lotion. 

I hoping to get stuff done tomorrow, but we’ll see.  

And I’m off. 

Blogidays…days 11/12/13

Weekend has come and gone and I haven’t written a thing. Friday was low key, Bubs and I just hung out all day. When S got home we made a plan to go get groceries a bit later than usual so we wouldn’t be caught in the craziness that was last Friday. 

Saturday we spent the day getting ready for my staff pot luck and secret Santa which I host at my house. S made an amazing lasagna and I made “the wings”. That’s my party food specialty. The night was so fun! Lots of food and presents and good times. 


S looking at some pics he took while holding his wine and Baby. One of our teachers had a baby a few weeks ago.  

Sunday we had out Christmas/maternity photos done. I was so tired from the day before, but I don’t see a time in the near future where I won’t be tired. So we went ahead with it.  

 Me. In between real pictures at out photo session, I got the photographer to take one on my phone. 

Now on to the last week of classes before Christmas break. My classes have decided to have parties in class so I better get to baking. 

I almost forgot, my Body Shop advent calendar goodies.  

 Shea Shower Cream


Almond hand and cuticle cream. 

 Strawberry lip butter

And I’m off!

Blogidays Day 9/10

Yesterday had absolutely nothing to write about. I was just feeling miserable all day. But my advent calendar is always fun.  

I don’t know why the picture came out this way. Anyway, I got the Elderflower undereye gel. 

Today, the 10th, I was up in the dark to get the the clinic when they opened to get a blood test done. I tried going on Monday but it was insane. So I figured, get there at 7:30am when they open so I wouldn’t have to wait. Well, I get there at 7:15 and there is already a line up of people outside! I get out of the car and go stand in the line,freezing, like I’m waiting to get into Best Buy on Black Friday! 

Anyway, it’s done. The rest of the day was spent hanging with Bubs and trying not to throw up from the iron pills. Being pregnant is really sucking this time around. 

I did get my order from Pink Blush today. It’s an online maternity clothing shop. I got bored waiting the last time I went for blood work and did a little Christmas shopping for me.  

I did teach classes tonight but very few people were there due to various things going on, exams,concerts,tournaments. Anyway, this it for my day. I’m so tired. How do people get up at 6am everyday?

And I’m off! (To sleep)

Blogidays..day 8 

Day 8 brought nothing exciting. Just me feeling crappy. I started on the iron pills and they are doing a number on my stomach. Yuck.  

I didn’t make it to my first class but I did manage to go to my second class and rehearsal. I got everything I needed to do done! Yay! 

 My Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys being silly in rehearsal. Believe it or not they are practicing lifts. 

In my Body Shop advent calendar I got an eyelash curler. I have never owned an eyelash curler. I know, hard to believe, but it’s true. 

And I’m off!