Very Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So it’s Halloween night and the kids are in their costumes all ready to go trick or treating and they look at you and say, “Mommy,where’s your costume?”  Crap! They want me in a costume too! You’re about to head out the door and you need a costume!

Here are some costumes that you can literally pull out of your closet. No making anything or intricate make up. My lovely friend Jessicah helped me out with this. Thanks babe, I owe ya one.

Hogwarts student. 

Because I’m a dork, I have the tie and the scarf. But you really could just use a solid tie. We just used a black or grey skirt, a black or grey cardigan and a white shirt. You could do tights or knee socks and black shoes. Grab a stick from the backyard for a wand and done. We actually forgot the wand for the picture, what were we thinking?!?!

50’s Housewife

Even easier. A full skirt a tight sweater or blouse, an apron, some pearls and heels. Done and done. Extra points for a martini and cigarette. Lol.

Holly Golightly-Breakfast at Tiffanys

This one is just a black dress, black heels, some black gloves, big sunglasses and pearls. Put you hair in a bun with a tiara or sparkly headband or even a rhinestone broach. Extra points for take out coffee cup and a Tiffany bag or box.

Rosie the Reviter


This one is super easy and comfortable! Just a denim shirt and jeans or even better, coveralls, a red bandana around your head and some black boots. Done. “We Can Do It”.


I feel like this is the easiest. Jeans, a plaid shirt, some cowboy boots, a banana, cowboy hat and some cute braids. Done.


I realize not everyone is going to have a coin hip scarf in their closet, I used to be a belly dancer. A square scarf or shawl will do the trick. With a long skirt, flowy top, a head scarf and a tonne of jewelry. Done. I suggest wearing boots, I thought it looked good with bare feet. But I wasn’t going anywhere.

I hope this gives you some ideas for a no fuss, out of your closet Halloween costume. Hope you all have a great Halloween weekend.🎃

And I’m off.

Pirate Party!

This past weekend we had Mr Bubbers’ 4th birthday party! I can not believe he is 4. Since he doesn’t go to school yet and he doesn’t go to day care he doesn’t have a whole lot of friends his age, but that didn’t stop us from having a super fun party. A pirate party!!!!

I had some party things from his second birthday when I thought of having a pirate theme but he wanted Mickey Mouse. So they went in the closet. I’m so glad I remembered it was there. 

My friend and I turned the play house into a pirate ship. 

The food we of course pirate themed and I have some amazingly talented friend who made the cake and cupcakes. 

Fish and Chips
Treasure map pizza

My husband made a treasure hunt complete with actual buried treasure. 

Bubs and his buddy checking out the loot.
We all dressed up, even without saying it was a costume party. That’s theatre folk for ya. We even had name tags with “your pirate name” on it. 

Our little pirate had an amazing time, and so did we. 

And I’m off!

DIY Almond Joy Body Scrub

Body scrubs are a beauty product I’m only just getting into using, and I love them. My scrub of choice is usually a sugar based scrub but they are hard to come by, at least where I am. I go through quite a bit of it and it was getting frustrating to find it, not to mention expensive to keep buying it. I got into making my own this summer.


So this is it, the super easy recipe for what I call “almond joy” body scrub, because that’s what it smells like, to me anyway.


-Coconut Oil
-Coffee grounds (used or unused)
-Sugar (a course kind, I use just regular but you can use cane sugar if you want to be all fancy)

Just mix it all together in the amounts you prefer. Extra scrubby, more sugar, extra caffeine (to help with the old cellulite), more coffee.



Put it in a cute storage jar, a mason jar or even an empty tub from another product.



This quick little homemade body treat will make a great gift this year. Wink!


Give it a try, you’ll be hooked too!

And I’m off!