Very Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So it’s Halloween night and the kids are in their costumes all ready to go trick or treating and they look at you and say, “Mommy,where’s your costume?”  Crap! They want me in a costume too! You’re about to head out the door and you need a costume!

Here are some costumes that you can literally pull out of your closet. No making anything or intricate make up. My lovely friend Jessicah helped me out with this. Thanks babe, I owe ya one.

Hogwarts student. 

Because I’m a dork, I have the tie and the scarf. But you really could just use a solid tie. We just used a black or grey skirt, a black or grey cardigan and a white shirt. You could do tights or knee socks and black shoes. Grab a stick from the backyard for a wand and done. We actually forgot the wand for the picture, what were we thinking?!?!

50’s Housewife

Even easier. A full skirt a tight sweater or blouse, an apron, some pearls and heels. Done and done. Extra points for a martini and cigarette. Lol.

Holly Golightly-Breakfast at Tiffanys

This one is just a black dress, black heels, some black gloves, big sunglasses and pearls. Put you hair in a bun with a tiara or sparkly headband or even a rhinestone broach. Extra points for take out coffee cup and a Tiffany bag or box.

Rosie the Reviter


This one is super easy and comfortable! Just a denim shirt and jeans or even better, coveralls, a red bandana around your head and some black boots. Done. “We Can Do It”.


I feel like this is the easiest. Jeans, a plaid shirt, some cowboy boots, a banana, cowboy hat and some cute braids. Done.


I realize not everyone is going to have a coin hip scarf in their closet, I used to be a belly dancer. A square scarf or shawl will do the trick. With a long skirt, flowy top, a head scarf and a tonne of jewelry. Done. I suggest wearing boots, I thought it looked good with bare feet. But I wasn’t going anywhere.

I hope this gives you some ideas for a no fuss, out of your closet Halloween costume. Hope you all have a great Halloween weekend.🎃

And I’m off.

The This or That Tag!

I was tagged by Jen from Dorkchops, not directly, but kind of, to do the This or That tag.

This is a list of “either or” questions about make up and beauty. So here we go. 


 1. Blush or Bronzer?  I don’t really wear either, but, if I ha to choose one, I’d say bronzer. I’m still learning how to wear it though. I’m also slightly scarred by blush from doing fashion shows with my mom in the 80’s. Eek! 

2. Lip Gloss or Lipstick? This one is though. I was always a lipstick girl, but lately I’ve been into lipgloss more. If you get down to it, I’d have to say lipstick. 

 3. Eyeliner or Mascara? Easy, eyeliner all the way! 

 4. Foundation or Concealer? This is another tricky one. I’ve only recently gotten into wearing foundation on a regular basis. I usually just wear it when I’m performing. having that said, I’m going to choose concealer. I use undereye concealer everyday and on the sides of my nose and ……well, sometimes I just end up painting my face with it. I’m in love with Garnier anti dark circle roller, and have been using it for years.

 5. Neutral or Bright eyeshadow? Neutral. I really only wear neutrals in everyday life. the brights do come out for show makeup though. 


 1. Opi or China Glaze? I don’t wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I do on my toes. Considering I have never heard of China Glaze makes my answer OPI. 

 2. Long or short? Short, definitly short. 

3. Acrylic or Natural? I’m really not into the “nail” thing. Natural. 

 4. Brights or Darks? I’m not really sure what this means. As I only wear polish on my toes, and I usually wear red, pink or similar. I guess that’s Brights? Is it? 


 1. Perfume or Body Splash? Is “body splash” body spray? I’m going to say it is. Either way, the answer is perfume. I really only wear it for special occasions or events. But out of the two, I go with perfume.

 2. Lotion or Body Butter? As it is the dead of a horrible winter, I’m using both. Body butter on my arms and legs and feet, and lotion on my face and hands.

 3. Body wash or Soap? Body wash. I just like that I can have a veriety of scents on the go at the same time. Just choose the one I’m into for that day.

 4. Lush or other bath company? We don’t have a Lush. And even though I have bought Lush products when I’ve been away and have ordered online once or twice, I’m going to say they aren’t my favourite. Maybe I just haven’t found the right products yet. My choice here is The Body Shop. We do have one of those, surprisingly. I genuinely like their products. 


1. Jeans or Sweatpants? Is this a trick question? Sweatpants all the way baby! 

 2. Long sleeves or short? At the moment, long. It’s friggin cold people!!!

3. Dresses or skirts? Dresses. Well, long sweater tunic type dresses you wear with leggings. Did I mention it’s cold? 

4. Stripes or plaid? Ok, so I love both! Even together sometimes. But I think it’s a time of year thing. Over the winter I’ve been really into plaid. In the spring and summer (and on sunny vaycays) I love wearing stripes. You know, that sailor type look. 

 5. Scarves or Hats? Scarves. I have dozens of them.

 6. Studs or Dangly earrings? I mostly wear small hoops, so what category does that fall under? But between the two I would choose studs. 

 7. Necklaces or Bracelets? Necklaces. I don’t like anything on my wrists. I don’t even wear a watch. 

 8. Jacket or Hoodie? Hoodie I guess. I like those zip up hoodies but without the hood. Are they jackets then? 


 1. Curly or Straight? Curly. That’s what my hair does. It takes forever to straighten it. I very very rarely do it.

2. Bun or Ponytail? Bun. I’m a dance teacher. 

 3. Hair spray or gel? Hair spray, but again, mostly for shows. 

 4. Long or short? Long. I think I would look ridiculous with short hair. 

 5. Light or Dark? Dark. It’s the same as above. I would look like a crazy person with blond hair. 

 6. Side sweep or Full bangs? I have full bangs my whole life. Then when I moved away from home, I grew them out. Then I was without them for about 15 years. A year ago, on a whim and in need of a change I cut bangs one day. Now I have them when I want and pin them back when I don’t. So, after all that unnecessary info, full bangs. 

 7. Up or Down? I have a lot of hair. It is up most of the time. 


 1. Rain or Shine? Shine!!! I don’t mind rain, but snow is a whole other story. 

2. Summer or Winter? You’re kidding right? SUMMER!!!

 3. Autumn or Spring? I like both, because neither are winter. But if I had to pick, Autumn, I love Fall fashion. 

 4. Chocolate or Vanilla? This is a really tough one….I like both, but of course I’ll choose chocolate.

 5. East Coast or West Coast? Ok, stay with me on this one. I live on the east coast of Canada, so I’m east coast. BUT, I live on the west coast of Newfoundland, so I’m west coast. I guess in this context I’m east coast. 

 6. Vogue or InStyle? InStyle. It seems to be more “real world” to me. Vogue it like looking at an art book sometimes. 

7. Kim, Kourtney or Khloe? Who? Ok, I’m not an idiot. I know who they are….Kim is the one with the enormous bum and the kid named North West, right? 

8. Coffee or Tea? I’ve always been a tea drinker, for as long as I can remember. But the last few years have been very coffee obsessed. So, these days, I’m going to say coffee. 

 I hope this was at least slightly entertaining for you. I tag  Leyla from Love from LeylaKate from Did that Just Happen BlogMegan from Megan Has OCD and Ashley from Sparkle and Spice. I can’t wait to read your answers!

And I’m off!

December Favourites!

It’s January! I hate January. I don’t do winter very well. I guess I’m living in the wrong place.
I enjoyed many of my November favourites into December, but here are a few more.

1. Snowman mugs.

I have a set of four of these I bring out in December and use all winter. Who says snowman mug are just for Christmas?

2. Pillsbury Gingerbread Cookie Dough.

I’ve gone through so many of these in December. I have one left. I might have to search the stores to see if there are any left, they make amazing cookies.

3. Snowflakes earrings.

I got these at Shoppers Drug Mart when I was doing the stocking stuffers shop. We actually didn’t have much snow in December. Now we have snow again……

4. Joe Fresh Plaid Shirts.

I wore these all December, I’m pretty sure. If you saw my Christmas Outfits for the Curvy Girl, I even wore one dressed up.

5. Pentatonix PTXmas.

I love this group since I saw them on “The Sing Off” a few years ago. I don’t usually listen to music at home because I listen to it constantly at work. But, this album was on repeat in December. It also helped get that darn Nutcracker music out of my head.

That’s is for December. On to January and a new year!

And I’m off!

Christmas Outfits for the Curvy Girl

This time of year, pretty much everyone has a fairly full social calendar, even if you are normally modelling your lifestyle after a hermit, as I do. With only 4 (3 this year) weekends in December, you are guaranteed to be invited to something every weekend.  If you’re really special, you might even get a weeknight invite! Like most girls, when the prospect of a night out comes up I immediately think, “I’ve got nothing to wear, I need to go shopping”. This year I’m giving myself a challange to work with what I have in my wardrobe.

Here are a few outfits I have come up with for the differnent events over the next little while.

A festive plaid shirt, cute black skirt and leggings make a great (and comfortable) casual Christmas party outfit. This shirt is from Joe Fresh and this skirt is a thrift store find from a long time ago.

I actually wore this outfit last Christmas Eve. I hosted dinner and a long, thin sweater and leggings was perfect. This sweater was from Ricki’s last year. Note the cameo by Mr.Bubbers.

This sweater with rhinestones and lace skirt was also from Ricki’s last year. It’s comfortable for going out to dinner or visiting. Just a little sparkle is a Christmas requirement I think.

I’ve had this forever. A cute red top and black jeans is a great look for a house party. I love this necklace, it looks like ice cubes!

This is my “running errands” outfit. Plaid shirt, jeans, Uggs and scarf. All that’s missing is a Starbucks peppermint mocha.

Then there is the event you need to dress up for. New Year’s Eve comes to mind, or the “work Christmas dinner and dance”. A shift dress always works, but one that fits. It’s never fun to try and squeeze yourself into a tube. Especially when eating is the main event. This dress is a thrift store find and I love it. It’s very “Mad Men” to me. Please forgive my crazy hair in this pic. Also, I’m totally wearing the wrong shoes with this, I couldn’t find the ones I wanted.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to go into your closet and work with what’s there instead of running to the mall. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 😉

And I’m off!

August Pop Sugar Must Have Box

My August Pop Sugar Must Have Box arrived a couple days ago, actually in August! How awesome is that. I didn’t do a post on my July box because I was in St. John’s. I had a friend who was picking up our mail bring it in to me when he came for a visit. It was a pretty uneventful one anyway.
This box however is a really good one.

The first thing I hauled out was these really nice earrings by Kendra Scott.

They are really nice and wearable.

The next thing was Festive Cookie Mix in Celebrate by Mason Jar Cookie Company. This is kind of cool. I’ll break this out when I need a cookie fix and actually have the patience to bake them.

Looks yummy!

Then, wrapped in bubble wrap, was Lollia perfumed shower gel in white petals and rice flower.

I’m glad it was in the bubble wrap because it actually leaked a bit. It smells nice. So, we shall see.

The snack this month was Think Thin High Protein Bar in Brownie Crunch.

I don’t usually like protein bars so not sure about this one.

In a little box was a lip gloss.

It’s Bite Beauty Lush Fruit lip gloss. It looks really bright in the tube but it seemed sheer on my hand, so again, we shall see.

A bit of a weird thing, I thought anyway, is this Small meal and Dipper food container.

I’m sure it will come in handy now with S back to work.

The last thing is my favourite. It’s Pattywax Ocean tide and Sea salt candle. I love this! The colour is totally what I’ve been into this summer and it smells lovely.


That’s it for my August Pop Sugar Must Have Box. I love this subscription!

And I’m off!

My Second Wantable Box!

Ok, so it’s the first technically. I ordered the intimates box and the accessories box. I got them both on the same day, too exciting!! I know, small things excite me. I just thought I’d space out the posts on them.


The first thing I pulled out was this headband/necklace thing. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a headband but I think it could totally work as a necklace too.


The next was a really cool long silver necklace that I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of.


Then there was a little black velvet pouch with two pairs of earrings. As you can tell by my duvet cover, I’m completely into these colours lately.


I must say I really like the accessories box as well. I’m not sure for how long I’ll keep this subscription as I don’t know how many accessories I actually need. I think I’ll keep it for a few months anyway. I think I’ll be good and stocked up by then.

And I’m off!