Life Less Organized

That should be the title of my autobiography, my life less organized. I want to be organized, I long to be organized, I have to soul of an organized person, but alas, I am not. 

I’ve spent the past few years, since we moved into our current house, trying to make it a functional organized home. It never works. I purge things I don’t use, get rid of clothes that don’t fit, I clean out and organize different areas of my house just for it to go back to the way it was within a week. 

I can’t stick to keeping an organized home. That’s my issue. I can get organized, the upkeep seems to be my downfall. I actually enjoy the process of organizing something. My closet, my desk, even planning and organizing for a trip. It’s fun. But why on earth can’t I keep it up?!? I need organizational Viagra. When it comes to keeping things tidy and in the proper place I just go limp. 

Sometimes I think that a new organizational system or plan will help, nope. Same pile of clothes on the chair, same Tupperware avalanche from the cupboard within days of implementing my “new system”. 

So this is my cry for help. I need something to help me organize and stay organized for longer than a few days. Enter Marie Kondo, not actually her, but that would be cool. I’ll try anything to actually be able to see what the surface of my dresser looks like. I read the book, actually listened to the audio book, but same thing.

I have attempted a few small things, my panties drawer first, (I know some people hate that word, which is the reason I had to use it..) I dumped the whole drawer out onto my bed and started chucking. Basically it was pairs that don’t fit right therefore never wear. And done. That was easy.

So I moved onto the other drawers, one by one. But that’s the wrong way to do it right? I was supposed to dump all clothing in one giant pile on the floor. That’s the point! The thing about that is, I do not have a surface in my home big enough to do that. if I took all my clothes, I mean everything, I would have to use my backyard to make one pile. And that ain’t happening anytime soon. As there is still WW1 style trenches in the snow out there.

To tell you the truth I can’t see myself holding every piece and seeing if it sparks joy, or thanking a piece “for its service” before saying goodbye. So I’m back to square one. Wasting time, organizing a small part of my home, just for it to look the same or worse in less than a week.

Have you Marie Kondoed anything? Let me know.

And I’m off! 

What’s in my Diaper bag “Everything Bag”

One of my first post was about my “My Everything Bag“, some call it a just in case bag or a walking pharmacy. It’s a little pouch of things you might need. I have many versions of this, but this post is about my diaper bag edition.

My baby girl is now 5 months old and my little boy is now 4. I usually have a few “just in case” things in my diaper bag for my little guy too.

Check out my “What’s in my Diaper Bag” post and video.

On with things. Here is what I carry in my everything bag-diaper bag edition.

This Orla Kiely make up bag is what I’m using at the moment. I have two of these one is my regular everything bag. I might have to put a ribbon in it or something, I’ve been getting them confused. 😜

1. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes

2. Tylonol Back Pain-my Doctor gave me a bunch of sample packs last time I was there.

3. Band aids

4. Honest Co. Hand cream

5. Honest Co. Healing balm

6.Honest Co. Surface cleaner- mostly for air travel.

7.Smiths eucalyptus and mint lip balm

8. Advil-again with the sample packs

9. Q-tips

10. Mommy stuff- Urban Decay perversion mascara-sample

11. Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner-my go to.

12. Mirror

13. Baby Tylonol

14. Snap clip-I’m going out my bangs

15. Mini nail file

16. The bag…

17. Binky/pacifier/nummy/dumbtit

18. Nail clippers

Missing-a tampon and gum.

That’s my diaper bag edition of my everything bag. I hope this helps with your diaper bag packing needs. 😜

Here’s the video, and a little Baby V cuteness.

And I’m off!

What’s in my Diaper Bag

I’ve been trying out different kinds of bags to use as my diaper bag for my 3 month old and my almost 4 year old. I’m not opposed to an actual proper “diaper bag”, I just find that my non diaper bag works best for me. I use a Kipling Sherpa travel tote

This is technically a travel carry on bag, but it works perfectly for what I need. The bag has one main part with one inside zip pocket. One long zip pocket on the front with two smaller zip pockets. It also has  a strap on the back that is meant to slip over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

On to what I have in there:

All packed up. There is still room for my water bottle and snacks if need be. 

Here’s what’s in the main part of the bag.

1. A packing cube with a change of clothes for Baby V and clean underpants for Bubs. Ya know, just in case.

2. Change kit. I love this thing. It’s by Munchkin.

3. Receiving blanket/burp cloth. I usually have a small burp cloth in there as well.

4. My Everything bag, but it’s my diaper bag version. Let me know if your interested in what I have in there.

5. Wet bag. I got this a The container store. For wet or dirty clothes.

6. Travel pack of wipes. Loves the wipes. I need them at arms reach all the time.

7. My notebook for a show I currently working on. I’m choreographing Grease and my husband is directing, so we get a babysitter for Bubs and take Baby V. That’s why it’s in there.

8. My Baby K’tan breeze for wearing baby in rehearsal.

Here’s what in the outside zip pocket.

1. My sunglasses

2. A pen

3. Tissues

4. Hand sanitizer

5. Spare pack of wipes for The change kit.

In the two smaller front zip pockets I keep her binky and binky wipes and I can fit two of her bottle in one pocket. We use the Tommee Tippie bottles.

I’ll also throw in some snacks for Bubs if we are going to be out for a while, but that is basically what I keep in there all the time so I can just take it and go. I hate running around trying to remember what to bring when it’s hard enough as it is to get out the door.

Check out my video to hear me show and tell!

And I’m off!

I Did It! My First YouTube Video!

I went for it. I made my very first YouTube video and its out there. And it has had 9 views! Ok, granted, three of them were me.
My wonderful husband got me a new computer for Christmas so that was a bit of the kick in the ass to go ahead with what I’ve been mulling over for almost a year.
I actually used my computer to record the video because I thought it would be easier to edit. Not knowing it would film everything backward like a mirror. Oh well, I know now to use my camera.
I decided to do a video on My Everything Bag, a post I did a while back, check it out here – My Everything Bag
So, here it is. My foray into the world of YouTube. Please, be gentle.

And I’m off!

My Summer Everything Bag!

I have a thing with bags. Some women have a thing for shoes, some love make up, me, I love bags! Purses, totes, travel bags, they’re all good.

A few months ago I did a post on what I call my everything bag. It’s just a little “just in case” kit. It has everything you carry around with you in one handy little kit. It has made switching out bags (which I do quite a lot due to my unhealthy obsession with said bags) much easier and quicker.

I’ve updated my everything bag for summer, made it a little smaller and switched out a few things.20140610-115900-43140992.jpg

1. Mini Tweezers.
2. Sample hand lotion. I think this came out of a magazine.
3. Travel sized deodorant.
4. Sample sunscreen, SPF 15.
5. Tylenol, of course.
6. Individual Olay Cleansing wipe.
7. My favourite eyeliner at the mo, Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer.
8. Tums refreashers. Tums and breath mint in one!
9. Tide to go mini. S makes fun of the way I say this. Tidetogo!
10. Another sample of hand cream.
11. A mini Givenchy lip gloss I got in a Glossy Box. Oh, how I miss Glossy Box.
12. A make up staple of mine, Garnier skin renew anti-dark circle roller.
13. A couple cold pills.
14. A few hair ties. These are from the dollar bins at Target.
15. A compact mirror and a couple snap clips. Bangs in warm weather are not fun.
16. A couple acid reflux pills, I’m old.
17. Nail clippers. I must remember to put in a nail file…
18. Band-aids. Sample out of a magazine!
19. A tampon.

Believe it or not all of this fits into the pouch that my April Ipsy bag came in.


That’s all for now. I’m working on a few organization projects that I’ll soon share.

And I’m off!