Life Less Organized

That should be the title of my autobiography, my life less organized. I want to be organized, I long to be organized, I have to soul of an organized person, but alas, I am not. 

I’ve spent the past few years, since we moved into our current house, trying to make it a functional organized home. It never works. I purge things I don’t use, get rid of clothes that don’t fit, I clean out and organize different areas of my house just for it to go back to the way it was within a week. 

I can’t stick to keeping an organized home. That’s my issue. I can get organized, the upkeep seems to be my downfall. I actually enjoy the process of organizing something. My closet, my desk, even planning and organizing for a trip. It’s fun. But why on earth can’t I keep it up?!? I need organizational Viagra. When it comes to keeping things tidy and in the proper place I just go limp. 

Sometimes I think that a new organizational system or plan will help, nope. Same pile of clothes on the chair, same Tupperware avalanche from the cupboard within days of implementing my “new system”. 

So this is my cry for help. I need something to help me organize and stay organized for longer than a few days. Enter Marie Kondo, not actually her, but that would be cool. I’ll try anything to actually be able to see what the surface of my dresser looks like. I read the book, actually listened to the audio book, but same thing.

I have attempted a few small things, my panties drawer first, (I know some people hate that word, which is the reason I had to use it..) I dumped the whole drawer out onto my bed and started chucking. Basically it was pairs that don’t fit right therefore never wear. And done. That was easy.

So I moved onto the other drawers, one by one. But that’s the wrong way to do it right? I was supposed to dump all clothing in one giant pile on the floor. That’s the point! The thing about that is, I do not have a surface in my home big enough to do that. if I took all my clothes, I mean everything, I would have to use my backyard to make one pile. And that ain’t happening anytime soon. As there is still WW1 style trenches in the snow out there.

To tell you the truth I can’t see myself holding every piece and seeing if it sparks joy, or thanking a piece “for its service” before saying goodbye. So I’m back to square one. Wasting time, organizing a small part of my home, just for it to look the same or worse in less than a week.

Have you Marie Kondoed anything? Let me know.

And I’m off! 

Packing for a Christmas Holiday!

It is Christmas week and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. We are now on our way to our second christmas in St. John’s then on to christmas number three in Florida. Then four days at Disney World for New Years!
I just wanted to share how and what I pack for a holiday.

I have been watching Organized Like Jen on YouTube for a while now. She has introduced me to the world of packing cubes. They have changed my life, of packing anyway.

Here is everything all backed up in the packing cubes. Some I got at Sport Check and some I got on Amazon. The ones from Amazon aren’t very good quality I must admit. They are the peachy pink coloured ones.
I used those for my things and the red and black ones for Mr.Bubbers. I used one suitcase for both of us. I have some things at my Moms place in Florida already so I try not to bring much. Bubs, however has grown out of the things we had there last time so I have to pack more for him.

I started by laying out all the clothes I wanted to take then took something away from each pile. For example, I took away one tank, one t-shirt etc.

My packing list (for me):

Three tanks – black, white, grey sequin

Three t shirts- white, navy striped, turquoise

Four pairs shorts- orange (goes with my my Minnie t shirt I have in Florida), grey, denim (beat up) denim (nice)

One pair denim crops

One pair long leggings

One pair Capri leggings

One long tunic top

One chambray shirt

One black cardigan

Three bras- white,black,nude

Seven pairs panties

One pair sneakers

One pair black flats

Two belts

My toiletries bag and make up. I did a post on this before. Check it out

For Mr Bubbers:

Six pairs of shorts

Three pairs of pants- two khakis one jeans

Three polo shirts

Five t shirts

One long sleeve shirt

Five pairs pyjamas

Three pairs shoes- two sandals, one sneakers

Four pairs socks

One swim suit and one swim trunks/swim shirt combo

His mickey towel

And a partridge in a…. I mean, and a pack of diapers.

I grouped things together and put them in the packing cubes


It works like a dream. Everything fits in the suitcase so easy and makes unpacking a breeze.


Everything and a Bubs!


And we’re off!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄