Mini Kids Thrift Haul. 

My in laws are in town, so I’ve have a bit more free time to do some running around sans kids. I had a little time today so I took the 20min dive to Pasadena to th Salvation Army. The one there is always better than the local one. I got some great finds for the littles, here is what I found. 

A pair of grey Velcro sneakers for Bubs for playing in the yard. He has out grown all his shoes except his converse and a brand new pair. Niether of which I want him wearing out in the backyard. So these suit that purpose perfectly. 

I also found these cute old navy jean shorts for him. 

That all I found for Bubs, but I got a few cute things for Baby V. 

This super cute Tommy Hilfiger swim suit and Carters sun hat. The suit is marked 3T but I compared it to another swim suit that was 18m and it was the same size. Weird, anyway it should fit this summer. 

Also this cute top and shorts. It’s not a set but it works perfectly. 

The top is Gymboree and the shorts are Carters. 

That’s it for this time round. Have you had any good thrift finds lately?


Poppin’ Tags! Thrift Store fun times!

I’ve always loved thrift shopping! The hunt, the “never know what you’ll find” feeling is so much fun. Especially when you go with someone else who loves the thrill of the thrift shop hunt too.
Mom and I are pros, we’ve been going to “boutiques” long before anyone was “poppin’ tags”. It’s something you need to have time to do, it can’t be rushed, and you really have to be in the mood for it. Anyone who’s a “boutique” shopper knows what I mean.
Here is my latest thrift shop haul. Where I live, there is only one Salvation Army store, and that’s it. So I go to other towns in my area that have a Salvation Army store as well. So this is a combination of three different stores.
I found some great things for Bubs! Most brand new with tags still on! Forgive my photos, I did a rush job as Mr Bubbers was wanting attention.



For me, I found these Old Navy shorts in my favourite colour that fit perfect. Also this cute Tommy Hilfiger button up which happens to go with the shorts really well. I actually wore the shorts yesterday, so they are pretty wrinkled in the photo.



That’s it for this haul. I got a bunch of things for my friend Candice too! We will do a photo shoot soon so I can show you!

And I’m off!