Winter Blues…in April 

Yay, it’s Spring! Well, it is in most of the world. I’m now into my 5th month of winter. Snow started in November and continued until, well it snowed yesterday.

There is over 4 feet of snow in my back yard, I still have to wear winter boots and I actually slipped under my car the other day. I’m so done. I’m beyond done. I’m over done.

I do get SAD, seasonal affective disorder, so I’m having a bit of a rough go right now. When I look at social media and see all the lovely spring weather pics from all over, I get excited! I start to think of how I’m going to arrange my patio furniture and what cute outfits to wear, then I look out.

That’s where my BBQ goes.

I’ve been feeling super down about all this snow. I’m not an outdoorsy person who skis or snowshoes so this extra winter just sucks!

So many people are going on their Easter holidays next week, or are gone now. All those pics of sunshine and beaches, pools and cocktails, sigh…I wish I was going too. I really have no right to complain as we spent three weeks in Florida in January, but that doesn’t change or fix how I feel right now.

Spring is coming though, just not as fast as I’d like right now. It is sunny today, so that’s a start.  I guess that’s what I have to deal with to live in a safe, clean, beautiful place.

And I’m off!

Countdown to Patio Furniture Day 67…WTF!?!?

So this happened.  


I held off actually putting the patio furniture out because of the bit of rain we got and I just haven’t really had a chance yet. I did put out a couple of chairs Monday so Mr Bubs and I could sit outside. That was my mistake. I got too cocky.  


It snowed for most of the morning. It’s all gone now, but it wasn’t the best way to wake up. It looks like December not the middle of May!

And I’m off!

Countdown to Patio Furniture Day 66…it almost happened. 

It’s gone. It lost its battle against the hose. There is no more snow I my backyard! 

Patio door. If the weather was nicer and we had the time, there would have been at least a couple chairs out there today. 

 Side door. This is all that’s left on the once mighty glacier.  

 Notice the beach ball. We just don’t care anymore. 
This week isn’t looking that good for getting the furniture out as the weather isn’t looking great. It’s actually calling for “an amount of snow” Tuesday night. But that may not happen. I really hope not. 

And I’m off!  

Countdown to Patio Furniture Day 64….almost there. 

The east coast of Newfoundland got snow today. Actual stay on the ground snow. It was gone later in the day, but still. Luckily, we didn’t get it. We’ve suffered enough I think. 

 Side door. Only a small pile stand s in the way of my outdoor table and chairs. 

  Patio door. Even though it’s been cold the past couple of days. What’s left of the snow is going fast.
And I’m off! 

Countdown to Patio Furniture day 62…season confusion. 

Today was another lovely spring day. Sun was shining, it was chilly, but a nice day. Then, I checked what the weather was looking like for the next day or so.  


This. I should be surprised. It’s been known to flurry on occasion up until the end of June. I remember flurries on June 23rd 1997. It’s a long. story about how I remember that…

 Side door. Not much left now.  

 Patio door. Looks like the snow is being replaced by toys. 

And I’m off! 

Countdown to Patio Furniture Day 61…spring has arrived!

It is finally spring. Most of the snow has almost gone. It’s been warm (ish) and things are looking up. 

What a difference! 

March 25th 


May 5th-all gone!


It’s crazy how much snow we had this winter. 

 Side door. The glacier is just a hint of its former self. 

 Patio door. Well we aren’t blowing up the pool yet but look at all that ground!
And I’m off!