Mini Kids Thrift Haul. 

My in laws are in town, so I’ve have a bit more free time to do some running around sans kids. I had a little time today so I took the 20min dive to Pasadena to th Salvation Army. The one there is always better than the local one. I got some great finds for the littles, here is what I found. 

A pair of grey Velcro sneakers for Bubs for playing in the yard. He has out grown all his shoes except his converse and a brand new pair. Niether of which I want him wearing out in the backyard. So these suit that purpose perfectly. 

I also found these cute old navy jean shorts for him. 

That all I found for Bubs, but I got a few cute things for Baby V. 

This super cute Tommy Hilfiger swim suit and Carters sun hat. The suit is marked 3T but I compared it to another swim suit that was 18m and it was the same size. Weird, anyway it should fit this summer. 

Also this cute top and shorts. It’s not a set but it works perfectly. 

The top is Gymboree and the shorts are Carters. 

That’s it for this time round. Have you had any good thrift finds lately?


Celebrity Look,Thrift Shop Challenge ! 

Since I’ve been on vacation, and with many more thrift shops at my disposal, I decided to take on a challenge. Recreate celebrity fall looks with thrift shop finds. 

I went on Pinterest and found some looks I liked, not necessarily celebs that I like, or even heard of. But looks that I would actually wear. Then I set off looking for items to recreate the look. 

Total cost of this outfit is $33.00. I found Banana Republic jacket at Previously Loved for $20. That’s what started the whole thing. These jeggings are Calvin Kline and were $6.99!

This outfit is totally me. I live in a black turtleneck in the winter. This outfit was $18.00 including the sunglasses!

I couldn’t find light jeans that fit that I could rip holes in, so I went with the $7.99 ones from the previous look. The jacket is Michael Kors and I found it at Salvation Army for $9.99!!! This outfit was $28.00. 

The pants aren’t exactly what I wanted for this look but I went with it anyway. This outfit was $31.00 including the cuff bracelet and the shoes. 

I really should have put on my spanks for these pictures. Oh well, I worry about the mummy tummy after vacation. 

I loved doing this! I might do it again for winter or vacation looks! Let me know if you love the thrift hunt and if you have any good finds lately. 

And I’m off!  

Thrift Store Haul!

I’ve been working on “Grease”, the musical that the junior high school is doing. My husband who is a teacher there is directing so of course I’m choreographing and helping with costumes. In the “costume person” role I’ve been looking for costume pieces at local thrift shops. I love thrift shopping anyway so I found some cute things for Mr Bubbers and Baby V while I was at it. 

For Bubs….

1. Spider-Man shirt-Old Navy

2. Grey cotton pants- crico (Target I think)

3. Denim blue polo t shirt-Cherokee (also Target)

4. Navy and white striped t shirt- BabyGap 

For Baby V….

5. Blue and white bathing suit-Carters

6. White cotton dress-no label

7.Mint and white striped onesie-Carters

8. Red “Little Canadian” onesie-Joe Fresh

9. Teal with strawberry dress- Carters

10. Sleepers with tiny owls- Just One You by Carters

11. Pink with ballet slippers onesie- Just One You by Carters

12. Denim dress- Carters 

The best find was these baby Timberland boots. 

Brand new, $3!!! I googled them and they are originally $50! 

That’s it for this round. I’ll be doing more thrift shopping so stay tuned for more finds. 

And I’m off!

Thrift Store Haul!!

My bestie and I went on a bit of a “Salvation Army store crawl” on Saturday. We had a blast, even though we only got to two locations, we really don’t have many options in our area to tell you the truth. We did the location here in Corner Brook and the one 15min away in Pasadena (not California BTW). We didn’t have time to go all the way to Deer Lake to the one out there. Next time. 

I basically went looking for summer/sun hats for Mr.Bubbers. I found some….and more. 

So the hat mission was a success. I found this cute tilly style hat. Mr.Bubs colouring and modelling at the same time.  

 I also found 2 pairs of shorts.. 

Five t-shirts, $1 each.. 


A swim suit (it’s too big at the moment)… 


And a pair of jeans all for Bubs.  


Of course it wasn’t all about him, I made some great finds for myself too! 

 A pair of Colombia beige linen shorts that are slightly too big, but I love them like that. A fuchsia bikini, for the backyard. My bikini in public days are over. A cute Banana Republic  sleeveless top. And an Old Navy button up in charcoal grey with little white polka dots. 

I also found this great Old Navy wrap dress.  (With a toddler sitting on it). 


This fits like a dream and the tags are still on it!

I also found a few “non-clothing” items.  

These super cute mini beer mugs. We have one already and Bubs loves having his carrot sticks in it. Also, this little “beaker” style jug. It has “Melmac” on the bottom. Isn’t that the planet Alf came from?

We had a great time and I’m sure we will be doing it a few more times as summer approaches. Did you have and good thrift store finds lately?

And I’m off!