Time for a change. 

Pregnant me teaching a Mom and Tot class.

I am changing the name of my blog. If you haven’t already noticed, My Hole in the Head is now The Dancing Mommy

I needed a change to kick me in the ass and keep up with blogging. I wanted a name for my blog and my YouTube channel that gave a clue to what this is all about.

I started out writing this blog and doing videos as a way to try and organize my life. Do little organizational projects and blog/vlog about them. Well, that didn’t really pan out. I’m still trying to be organized but I’m not good at keeping things up. As obvious by the length of time between blog posts.

My Hole in the Head was a name I put on this blog because I was so busy I needed something else to do like “a hole in the head”.

I really think tIMG_4066he new name will help me be a little more focused on what I’m about these days. My kids, and all things mommy related. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month old girl.
My love of finding a good bargain. It could be sales or thrift shopping, the hunt for a good deal is the best part. And dance. I am after all a dance teacher and choreographer, I can’t leave that out.

Also, the balance of running a business, teaching classes, being a stay at home mom (I know that doesn’t really make sense. I’m home with the kids in the day, and teach in the evenings), being a choreographer, and keeping up general house stuff IS a dance it’s self.

That’s it, The Dancing Mommy.  Now other things just might creep in, but that’s the general idea.

Dancing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at 6 months pregnant.
Bubs showing off while I’m giving notes after dress rehearsal of “Oz”. Little V was born a week later.


Ok, time to get back at it….

I haven’t written a post since August. That’s almost three months. What’s up slacker! (That’s me yelling at myself). So here is the short version of the story of why I haven’t posted a blog post (or a video) in what feels like a decade….I’m tired. That’s it. No big life changing event that has kept me from my computer. Nope, I’m just so damn tired all the time that typing seems like a workout. And if you know me at all, I don’t workout. 

I know what you’re thinking, yeah we are all tired. I’m not saying I’m the most tired anyone has ever been, I’m mom tired. Although I did find my keys in the fridge and the butter in the cutlery drawer. 

My brain doesn’t work, I feel cross eyed, and I haven’t showered in 4 days. Normal mommy stuff. 

I have a 4 year old who isn’t in pre school or anything, I’m home in the day so there is no need. I also have a 9 month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night. I teach dance classes three evenings a week and run a business, the dance studio. So, I’m tired. 

Having all of that said, I really want/need to get back at blogging and making videos because I need something for me. So this is me hiting the restart button. Here we go. 

And I’m off. 

Another Dance Year Over.


After three fantastic shows, I’m done.

Everything went great I have to say. Mostly due to the amazing help I had and the best staff in the world. The studio is now done regular classes for the summer. Having said that, there is still things happening. One of my teachers is teaching some summer classes, Stage West Theatre is starting up now, but I’m taking some time off from my real job and diving into my blogging life.

Have a look at what opening night was like from my point of view!

And I’m off!

My April Ispy Bag!

I got my Ipsy bag and my Birchbox on the same day! I decided to split it up into two post this time.

The theme this month is “Beautifully Bohemian”, I guess because Coachella is happening this month in California. I still really don’t know what that is…other than people dress “bohemian” aka like hippies with money, and go to a concert. I’m actually not too sure about the concert part either.

What I got:

Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk – natural tint

I haven’t had the best luck with dry shampoos but I’m always up for trying one.
JulieG nail color in Damsel

Here’s the thing, I don’t really wear nail polish, except for on my toes. And even then, I really only do that when I go for a pedicure. Ipsy has been really good and hasn’t sent me a nail polish in a very long time. Anyone wanna trade?

theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single  in Flirty.

It doesn’t look like it here, but it’s actually a shimmery violet colour. Very nice. I really like this one.

Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush (C224)

I love getting brushes! I’ve never used a concealer brush before though. I’m assuming it’s for concealer…

Hikari Cosmetics Blush  

I’m not a big blush kind of girl, and this is a full sized blush, and the colour…I don’t know. I’ll try it though, it might be fantastic but I’m not so sure.

That’s it for what I got, but my absolute favourite this month was the bag! I love it.

Check out my ol’ YouTube channel and my unbagging video.

And I’m off!

Sephora Haul!!!


While I was on vacation, I did some shopping at Sephora. We don’t have a Sephora, of course we don’t. The only place to buy make up is Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart. We don’t even have a Target anymore! Our Shoppers doesn’t even have a beauty boutique! Ok, sorry, back to the haul…

I had a list of things I wanted to get. First was Lights,Camera,Flashes Mascara by Tarte.

One of the YouTubers I watch, Fleur de Force, loves this and talks it up so I wanted to try it. 

 Next, I picked up a couple of lip products. Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer Liar.

 I love this. The colour is very neutral, “your lips but better” colour.

The other one is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal.

 This is more of a tinted lip balm. The colour is actually really similar to the Urban Decay one. I guess I’m into that colour at the moment. 

 I was looking for a new eye shadow palette. The one I wanted was the Tartlette by Tarte, but it was sold out. I found another one that I really loved. It’s Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection.

I just love this. The colours are exactly what I wanted and they have great payoff. Plus, it’s in a cute tin! 

 Ever since I got the MODELCo brow gel in a Glossybox box, I’ve been using it everyday. It’s a sample size so it’s not going to last long. I bought the Colored Clay Brow Gel by Tarte.

The wand is crazy tiny, I think they stole Barbies mascara. It does the trick though. 

 As always, I got a few free samples, I loves me some free samples!

That’s is for what I bought at Sephora. I really didn’t do much shopping this time. It was just too nice out to be in a mall. 

 Check out my Sephora Haul video on the ol’ YouTube channel!


youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMRz0r7zjf4&w=560&h=315%5D 

Let me know if you have any new beauty finds. I love finding and trying out new products. 

 And I’m off!

The 5 Minute Make-Up Challenge!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12_Fotor

I took on the 5 minute up challenge. I never thought I took that long to put on make up, then I tried this. Lately, I’ve gotten into make up more than I ever have been. Once a late bloomer always a late bloomer I guess. I used to just wear undereye cover up, eyeliner and lipgloss. That’s it. That takes no time to do. Now, I’m into doing a little more with my face.

Here is my attempt at this challenge.

And I’m off!

My January Ipsy bag!

I got my bag late this month, surprise, I always get things late. This months “theme” is “Fresh Start”. I really don’t get Ipsys themes. It’s just basically something to stick on the pointless card they stick in with the bag. Anyway, the product this month I really liked, with the exception of one.


The first thing I pulled out of the bag was a blue nail polish. I really don’t use nail polish of any colour on my nails. I do polish my toe nails but I’m pretty boring when it comes to colours.
It’s Probelle Into the Blue nail laquer.

Next was a winner for me. Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow. I really like this brand, I’ve got it in an Ipsy bag before.

Then another eye shadow, Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek. I have no idea what that word is. I really like this as a dark alternative.

Next was a lip balm, you can’t go wrong with lip balm this time of year. Malin&Gotez Mojito Lip Balm. I haven’t tried this yet, but here’s hoping it tastes like Mojitos!


The last item was a eye shadow brush. Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush. It’s pink! How awesome is that.


That’s it for the January bag. Check out my first “unbagging” video!

And I’m off!